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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Performance Pieces – Superheroes…

So, I was thinking, these women are superheroes to young girls. But, what if they actually WERE superheroes? Which Superheroines (or Superheroes) would represent them on the court?

Large levels of Geek in the atmosphere! Some jokes may fly over the heads of the non-comic following majority!

Pat Coyle as Professor X

Shameka Christon as Thor (Duh)

Loree Moore as Wonder Woman

Ashley Battle as The Punisher

Barbara Farris as Storm

Cathrine Kraayeveld, Janel McCarville, and Erin Thorn as The Powerpuff Girls

Jessica Davenport as She-Hulk

Sherill Baker as Supergirl

Tiffany Jackson as Catwoman

Shay Doran as The Hebrew Hammer

And finally...

Either Martina Weber or Lindsay as The Invisible Woman


Rebecca said...

Your Powerpuff Girls broke my brain. I am NOT going to sleep tonight. And if I do, I will be haunted by nightmares. OMG, so unspeakably wrong.

(also? Don't give a woman superpowers and then misspell her name. It's Doron.)

Me said...

Yeah, yeah. I misspelled her name. Cut me some slack, jack. It's not like I'm the only one...


Yeah, that's her alma mater spelling her name with an "a" there.

I am unashamed of my Powerpuff girls reference, however. Unabashed, as well.

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