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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Thursday Update - Blah

Slow news day.

Really not much to say. The WNBA site has “look-around-the-league” article that speaks highly of the Libs. Nice of them to take notice.


The team in the WNBA'S largest market is 5-0. Someone should really be advertising that fact to the New York-Metro area, like, I don’t know… the Liberty?



Be Prepaaaaaaaaaared.


Fever 84, Houston 59

This wasn’t even close, and neither was I. I wish I could go back in time and slap some sense into my past-self. It’s INDIANA! They’re not just gonna curl up and die. As it is, that puts me under .500 for the season. Ugh. Well, for a “noob,” I’m not half-bad.

Seattle at Sacramento
Chicago at Phoenix

Seattle’s on a two-game slide after winning their first couple of games against Houston and Phoenix. Sacramento, meanwhile, have won their last two (and four of their last five), including both home dates. Seattle needs a pick-me-up, but I don’t think they can pull it off against the Monarchs in the Arc. Monarchs by 7.

Phoenix has to take this game. If not, it’s going to be a LONG season for Taurasi and crew. Chicago is getting a bit big for their britches. Their wins are against Minnesota, Chicago, and an over-time nail-biter against Connecticut. Not exactly quality. Mercury by 5.

I went to the Chicago Sky’s website to check out their schedule and roster, and I took a look at their ticket information. Whoa. 26 bucks for the equivalent of a $10 Liberty seat. I also found later that their limited $13 seats sell to a much higher degree than their 26 dollar seats. Admittedly, the Libs play in MSG and the Sky play at the UIC pavilion, but if one is trying to entice the finicky Chicago crowd down to a losing team in a non-Big Four sport, some lower ticket prices might help that out a bit.

Take some notes, class.

Attendance is up from last year’s season average, and significantly higher (by about 10% per game) from last year through three weeks. However, this is mainly due to Charlotte being out of the league. Even when taking them out, however, there is a nice bump in attendance. Not huge, but enough to stave of some worries. The attendance always dips after the first week and climbs throughout the rest of the year. Nice.

According to this article, a WNBA team needs about 7500 fans to break even. I have no idea where she gets this number or who her sources are, but if that is to be believed, the following teams are doing well so far…

New York

… with eight teams posting improvements over last year at this time (including a much larger increase for Chicago). These numbers are, of course, inflated by home openers, but it’s still encouraging to see this kind of growth. Los Angeles would probably be up there, as well, if they’d had a home game. Wait, what?

What is going ON?!?

It’s week three and the Sparks haven’t had a home game? I’m going to try to refrain from my usual chorus… trying… must…


Apparently, Jay Mohr hates the WNBA. According to Mohr, it's "unwatchable," "boring," and a "debacle". If anyone gets a chance, make sure to send him a note expressing your thoughts.

If I find other haters (or if you have links to some), I will post where appropriate. Part of me doesn’t want to give them the exposure, but some part wants me to make their crimes known.

Sigh... If only I had the star-power of Maddox

All right, until tomorrow, lads and lasses…

See ya, Space Cowboy…

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