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Monday, July 9, 2007

Liberty Belle - Tiffany Jackson


Height: 6'3''
Position: Forward
College: Texas
Birthday: April 26, 1985
Related to Michael: Nope

Thank God...

Ms. Jackson hasn't been getting a lot of love in the Libertine, not because she's bad or because she's been ineffective, but simply because she's been doing her job, showing up with grit in her teeth, and doing the things that rarely get a lot of attention but help teams win games.

"She doesn't show off like me, that's for sure!"

Hailing from Texas, where she was a force to be reckoned with (along the lines of an F4 Tornado), Jackson was drafted this year as a player who can get the job done and hopefully blossom into an 10-12 ppg forward who can rebound, use her body, and keep a team together during the tough times and make sure that no one messes with them during the good times.

Amateur photograph of Jackson on her way to New York.

Yes, Jackson is a bit of a fireball. Not like Ogie Oglethorpe, but enough that other players know she's going to hold her ground on a charge and throw an elbow or two if needs be. She plays hard, throws hard, and on occasion, scores 20 points to remind everybody of her talent.

"Is this twenty already? In the first half? Well, I guess I'll have to slow down and let the other girls catch up!"

Think of her as the long reliever, the 2nd-Line Center, the Free Safety; that is, the person who nobody hates and everybody can groove with, and also the kind of person who's personality can be seen in their game.

In Jackson's case, in spades.

Keep rockin' it, m'dear. Nobody's going to mess around the paint as long as your hold court. Next time you're on the court, look for the bearded man in the stands. The Libertine will take more of an interest, I promise.

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