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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Tuesdays with Nickname - Loree Moore

Loree Moore

So, yes, Michael Moore, or some derivation thereof, is the obvious choice here, considering all of the jokes and references I have made in the past two months or so. Henceforth, they'll stop.

I promise...

Already done college, already done a profession, a song, etc. That's when I saw her middle name. "Marlowe". Perfect.

Loree Moore = (Kit) Marlowe

Why? Because, like Marlowe, she makes artistry with her touch and is sometimes given a hard time. She might also be a spy who looks for Catholics, but I'm not sure about that...

At least, I don't think she does... does she?

Kit Marlowe it is, then. For information, read Loree Moore's version of Doctor Faustus, not to mention Tamburlaine and The Jew of Malta, or simply read up on Kit Marlowe's ball-playing days in the time of merry ol' Elizabethan England. This is an excerpt from a friend's diary...

"Verily, [Marlowe] hath a great skill in the handling of balls. What skill! What strength!."

Basketball, right? I mean, what else could it refer to?

As a late note, I won't be updating tomorrow, simply because I won't have a huge amount of computer time, coupled with a lack of Liberty news. I like the WNBA, but the Liberty is why I'm here. Until Thursday,then.

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