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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Liberty for All


The Store at the official Liberty site is kinda paltry, if I may say so. One jersey that isn’t even customizable, and it’s only one player (a kick-ass player, but still). Come on. This isn’t like it’s the Yankees, but... COME ON!

The Writer’s Perspective Shifts

Maybe this is a sign. I searched for WNBA Playoffs 2006 on Google yesterday, and I was prompted to look under "NBA Playoffs". Wow. Understandable, but think of the symbolism…

Kill da Wabbit!


A Journey...
Orange, Blue, and White
A new season, a new fan
A journey's first step...

That's deep.

Temporary Still
Erin Thorn shoots up
The ball, twirling, finds the net
Two points on the board!



(Italics are at home)

Monarchs 70, Mystics 52
(My pick: Monarchs by 6 1/2)

Shock 85, Lynx 75
(My pick: Shock by 10)

Sparks 72, Sky 56
(My pick: Sparks by 12)

That's what we in Hockey call a Hat Trick.

I am astonished. I honestly thought I'd have to scourge myself a bit. Wow. Look at that Detroit score? Pink Floyd sang "Money" about me! Admittedly, my points were a bit off (I thought the Mystics would be closer, especially), but I am still learning. 3-0 in my picks for the season, though. I guess I'll have to keep doing this...

Sun vs. Silver Stars

Mercury vs. Storm
Silver Stars are good. Sun is better. Sun by 6 ½.

Good game to come between Mercury and Storm. Two decent teams that were at each others throats last year. I'm going with the Storm, by 5.

Speaking of which... man, it SUCKS that the Storm are probably going to move. They have really rockin’ fans. Learn more here…

Not cool. If you’re a fan, go here…

They’re not the only WNBA team that got shafted…
R.I.P. (1997-2006). Off topic, but that hornet is kinda hot...
More on that later. Just to show that everything wasn’t on the up and up…

Up in Smoke
They better get ready to be rocked. 11 A.M. The Most Famous Arena in the World.
My pick? Liberty by 102 (the Mystics won't bother to show up in the fourth quarter, and instead, the Liberty will play "shirts" and "skins").

Attendance is MANDATORY!

It’s “School Day”. Or something like that. The Liberty are bringing it. I hope the couple hundred school kids in attendance tomorrow morning have a good time.

Leave room for the Holy Spirit, children.
Happy trails…

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