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Monday, June 18, 2007

Weekend from Hell - Liberty Lose 2

I know how ya feel, darlin'...

Chicago 73, New York 66

San Antonio 79, New York 71

What the hell? How did we go from beating the Indiana Fever and being 5-0 to losing 4 of our last 5? A loss to both Detroit and Indiana is understandable and picking up the win against the Mystics is expected... but dropping one to Chicago? The Sky?

It just seems WRONG, somehow...

This was a team that we beat so handily in the season opener that I thought the Sky were taking bribes. We have a starting lineup that can go woman-to-woman against ANY team in the league, and we lose to the SKY? I know how people are saying that they're not as bad as they look...

How COULD they be?

...but their lineup, aside from Dupree, is remarkably inconsistent. New York, unfortunately, fell into their trap and never got out. I can't find any boxscores for this game (thank you SO much, wnba.com), so if anyone can help me out here, I would really appreciate it.


Our loss against San Antonio is a little more understandable, albeit no less painful...

No, wait, it DOES hurt that much.

Down 42-31 at the end of the first half, the Libs began to play some solid ball in the last two quarters. They took chances, ran the ball, showed a marked increase in their shooting percentage (up 13.2 %), and managed to keep the Silver Stars in a close game. It didn't matter, though. Someone had a vendetta...

Vendetta! Vendetta! (Simpsons' reference #2,405)

Becky Hammon was an animal on Saturday against her former team. 22 points, 7 assists, perfect 7-7 from the line, and with three 3-pointers? She showed the Liberty that she could still whip it.

Whip it good, for that matter.

Barbara Ann did nothing in her 7 minutes on the floor, aside foul twice and miss both of her shots while also turning the ball over. The leaders? Thor and Moore, each with 15, although the passion they showed on the court was closer to a pick-up game back home than a statement against one of the better teams in the West.

The Liberty's statement as of today: "We regret to inform you..."

Is there anything that can pick us up? No, not really. Our upcoming games are against some pretty tough folks. San Antonio again, Indiana again, on the road against the Sparks... it's not going to be pretty. We're not yet through a third of the season, but it would have been nice to come out of this weekend with some breathing room.

13 year-old Tammi Swanson impersonates the Liberty at their current point in the season.

Next game? Wednesday, against the Mohegan Sun... er, Connecticut Sun.

Gambling and Basketball. Like Root Beer and Ice Cream.

The Sun are reeling, losing their last four games after opening the season 4-2. We need to keep them on their heels. It's going to be a very telling game. Keep your ears to the ground and pray.

Please, please, please...



LA 89, Washington 80

Phoenix 89, Indiana 78

Detroit 75, Connecticut 72

Seattle 84, Houston 71


Indiana 77, Detroit 67

Minnesota 83, LA 58

Sacramento 75, Houston 63


Chicago 87, Connecticut 74

I made all four of my picks on Friday, which dulls the pain of this weekend somewhat. That is the first time something like that has happened since the beginning of the season, and it shows that I'm learning a bit. To be honest, however, I would never have picked Minnesota, Chicago, or Indiana to win.

Indiana's win against the Shock is HUGE. It hands Detroit their first loss and in the first match-up between the two heavy-weights this year, gives Indiana a massive boost. If it hadn't been for that loss to Phoenix, I would say that Indiana is the hottest team in the league. Still, wow. And Tamika Catchings? 24 points, 14 rebounds in that game.

Detroit @ L.A.

Detroit is still one of the best teams in the league, despite it seeming that they never score more than 67 points. L.A. is decent, if not over-powering, and also at home. However, the Shock are looking to get back on track after their loss. Look for them to tear up the court floor like a team of ravenous woodchucks. Shock by 7.

Lisa Leslie gave birth to a girl. Congratulations, Lisa! No jokes to give here. Really. It's a birth, people. Have some decency!

Some things just aren't funny.

As for me? I'm done for today. Liberty Belle to come up by 4. You know the drill, ladies and gents. Throw some dirt on it and take a lap.

See ya, Space Cowboy...

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