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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Nickname Day - Janel McCarville

Janel McCarville

This one is definitely needed, not only because McCarville has come out of her shell recently, but also so that I don't constantly have to check to make sure that I spelled her name correctly.

"Janelle MacCarvil, right?" "Whatever you say, Ms. Orender"

Not that I'm a moron, or anything, but it's a longish name and it needs to be shortened to something cool and immediately recognizable, while also being a bit outlandish.

Mmmm... Outland.

A number of different paths could be taken; that she was drafted number one, or that she likes the Simpsons and Family Guy, or that she's arisen to help save us. Kinda like... uh, whatsisname...

Jean Gray. Yeah.

That might actually work. Jean Gray is/was Marvel Girl (fuck Phoenix), and that's similar enough to McCarville's name to pass The Writer's Bad Hearing Test.

You said I should go "duck" myself, right?

So, there's only one option here. Janel McCarville henceforth shalt be known as...

Keep putting in those shots and I might even upgrade you to "DC".

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