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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Short Post... Sorry

Pretty quiet on the Liberty Front...

Not much to report. Game tomorrow, of course. In L.A. Erin Thorn's still out. If the rumors are right, Thor might sit. It's going to be a tough middle-of-the-road-trip game.

Yeah, that's about right...

Other than that, not a lot to say. I'm going to keep this short, as its a slow day and I have a LOT of work to do. Sorry about the small post. I know you lads and lasses live for it.

Hey! That is uncalled for!


Shock 77, Sun 74
Sparks 74, Monarchs 66

Who's got two thumbs and called 'em?

THIS guy!

The Sun stuck with it more than they should have, and if it weren't for a disastrous 3rd quarter, probably would have won. But even so, that drops them to 5-10, which is pretty pitiful, especially with how strong they started out. Whoa... deja vu...

There but for the grace of God, go we...

The Sparks over the Monarchs? Doesn't surprise me. Marta Fernandez (26 points, 11-15 from the field) continues to kick major ass and the Monarchs continue to struggle on O, even if the Sparks didn't make a single 3 (0-7). When a team that relies on their defense can't control the game inside the arc, they're going to lose. L.A.'s been up and down all season and it was time for them to take a game against a team who just can't figure out how to play in the Forum.

It's the same court everywhere, ladies.

Storm @ Comets

Now, HERE'S an interesting game. Seattle beat the Comets in their last two games, but Houston has been coming on strong. They're at home and the Storm, while decent this year, are DEFINITELY not playing like a team that has Sue Bird and Lauren Jackson on the roster. It's a question for the ages... but I think the Storm are going to pull it off. If they don't, though, I won't be dissapointed. I like those scrappy Comets. Storm by 5.

Speaking of Seattle, Donna Orender talks turkey after visiting Puget Sound. Donna? When is someone going to fire the scheduler and hire some marketing people who know their ass from the donkey next door?

That's an interesting question, but first, let me introduce you to the new owners of the Houston Comets, Jeffrey Skilling and Bernard Ebbers!

Article up on the WNBA site about what's it like to be a number 1 draft pick. McCarville went first overall to Charlotte, remember? She's even mentioned in there. Interesting article, but little more than fluff, especially when you consider that, while cool and interesting, it's nowhere near as pressure-filled or covered as the NFL draft. If you want to know more about Seimone Augustus, or if you like Susan Bird, or Lindsey Harding, however, you're golden.

Rookie rankings up on WNBA. The Middle-Man drops to fifth. Now, here's what I think is bullshit. While the coverage continues to say that Davenport's having a decent season, it starts off by saying, "It's fair to say that Davenport has underwhelmed so far in her rookie campaign, especially when she's compared to the player for whom she was traded, Becky Hammon. " Oh? Davenport isn't playing as well as Becky Hammon? One of the best players in the league? Who's had eight years of pro experience? Great lead-in. Also, I would venture to say that Davenport hasn't been dissapointing. I would say that she still needs work, but...


Anyway... that's all from me. Slow and busy. Yadda yadda yadda. I'll post my essay up in the afternoon (probably late... sorry). Until then...

See ya, Space Cowboy...

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