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Monday, June 18, 2007

Liberty Belle – Erin Thorn

Erin Thorn

Position: Guard
Height: 5’10’’
Age: 26
College: BYU ‘03
Origin: Born in the future, sent back to the past to protect humanity and rock the court.

She seen things we can only imagine…

Erin Thorn was (ostensibly) born in 1981 and grew up with a love of all things basketball. Graduating from BYU in 2003, she was drafted by the Libs but was denied the chance to start on a regular basis until recently, despite record-levels of midichlorians in her bloodstream.

“Taught her how to shoot 3’s, I did.”

This season, she’s been off the hizzie. While admittedly a bit cooled down from a tremendous start, she’s still setting up plays like she was born with a clipboard in her hand.

Thorn’s mother says it was a very difficult delivery…

Thorn was named Eastern Conference Player of the Week for the first week of the season and is still doing well, averaging just under 12 points a game, with a strong stat line through 10 games played this season. Still need to be impressed? Check this out.

She still coaches at BYU in the off-season, but beyond this, my information is scant. Majored in fitness and wellness management in college… fought Mongol Hordes for a while (impressive, considering she’s never been to Asia)… is 23rd in line for the throne of Sweden… yeah, well. I can’t verify much of this. I’m not the only one, however. Despite evidence to the contrary…

…the WNBA’s official site claims that she’s worn number 11 since Junior High. Not only are my bios more fun, but also more informative!

How many times can I get away with saying THAT!

So, next time “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn” comes onto the loudspeakers, stand up and give this Western Wonder her due. Cheers, Ms. Thorn; you’re the Liberty Belle of the week!

Hellz yeah!


Rebecca said...

To be fair to the bio writers, she would have had to switch numbers once she got to the Liberty- #11 belongs to Teresa Weatherspoon, always has and always will.

Of course, this means the bio hasn't been updated since she was a draft prospect...

Me said...

Way to be on the ball, WNBA. :::gold clap:::

I figured there was a reason she gave up number 11. No one (myself included) gives up a long-time number like that voluntarily.

Thanks for the info!

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