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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Game Day Today

Bring it.

It’s gonna be a showdown between two 4-0 teams. Exactly one will remain undefeated. The winner will be showered with praise, the loser will be taunted and booed until my throat is sore!

Simpson quotes have become a language unto themselves.

Indiana has lived up to their namesake this season, racking up hot wins against Los Angeles and Washington. Tamika Catchings?

Career PPG: 17.2. This season? Even higher.

Tully Bevilaqua?

Shoots free throws like she’s bulls-eyeing womprats back home in Oz.

Tamika Whitmore?

Almost literally on fire this season.

They’ve got some strong young’uns on that team, too. The talent level for Indiana is akin to a one-turn-win Magic: The Gathering deck.

Magic: Or How I Wasted My Allowance From Ages 11-15

Two of their wins were against the Lynx, however, which makes me think that they’re due for a wake-up jolt. And there’s one team to do it.

Time to cut 'em down to size.

Kraayeveld: hot. Moore: Coming off a career-game. Thorn: Mountain air has turned her into a Ball-God down at this altitude. Davenport: there’s a reason we traded up to get her. And Thor?

When she bringeth out Mjolnir, gird thy loins for battle.

Truly, this will be a game that will define our season. Everyone in the league is looking for a reason to bring the Libs down a peg. A loss to the Fever won’t shatter our season, but a win will truly silence some of the naysayers. Are you with me?

Let’s get em.

The Garden
Take the 1, 2, 3 or A, C, E
Bring an extra set of underwear
Make sure you only pay for the edge of the seat.


Silver Stars vs. Monarchs
Lynx vs. Mercury

Every time I bet against the Silver Stars, I take a lickin’. Both teams are coming off a few days rest, and both are itching to move up in the Western standings. This is going to be a brawl of a game. I’m going with my Hockey Intuition and betting against the Finals’ runner-up. It’s going to be close, though. Stars by 4 ½.

The worst in the league versus a team that has just taken a thrashing on road and is desperate to stay relevant? One day, the Lynx will win a game. I don’t think that this is that game, however. Mercury by 6.

WNBA Power Rankings are up, courtesy of the official website. The Libs have been bumped up from 9th out of 13 to 5th. When we win tonight, it’s going to be hard for the Old Guard to keep us from the top three.

ESPN’s Power Rankings are a bit more generous with New York. The Libs rank three, behind Indiana and Detroit. Detroit is undoubtedly the best team in the league. Once again, a win against Indiana would be a big statement.

On the whole, I tend to trust ESPN’s rankings more than the WNBA’s. Not just because they give a bump to the Libs (I have to try to look objectively), but also because they seem to know which teams are on the rise and which teams are falling down. They correctly predicted the Sky’s mediocrity while I was busy making clown jokes…

Once more, the Chicago Sky. If they go 4-3, I can’t make anymore jokes like this.

The Post had a nice article about Davenport today. Personally, I think she’s amazing, and although I hate the Post, it’s nice to see the mainstream press acknowledge her talent.

Even with the aid of deep-space radioscopes, scientists are still unsure just how large Davenport's awesomeness is.

All right, kiddies. That’s it for me. Until tomorrow…

See ya, Space Cowboy…

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