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Monday, August 13, 2007

Liberty Belle - Lindsay Bowen

Lindsay Bowen

Position: Guard
Height: 5'6'' (5'7'' in some sources)
College: Michigan State
Years Pro: Rookie
Former Star of: Cheers.


Hailing from Dansville, Michigan (named, one presumes, after someone named Dan), this Liberty Guard is fast, killer outside the arc, and currently owns the Great Lakes Record for most number of dreams broken in a single game. By day, she plays for the New York Liberty, but by night, she fights crime as the Necromancer!

All blatant lies, just so you know.

It all started back in Michigan State, where Bowser holds the record for most three-pointers made in a season and was named Co-Big Ten Freshman of the year. There, she averaged over 13 points a game, going big on the free throw line (309 out of 352) and three-point arc (.405 average), while also becoming the Spartans second all-time leading scorer.

Sources are scarce for Lindsay Bowen's information online. I would make stuff up, but really, I'm too lazy. Lindsay Bowen's acts can speak for herself. Sure, she's only played in six games for the Libs this season (1 started), but in that time period (37 minutes), she's scored nine points and gone 3-6 from the three-point line. Clearly, she has the skills to pay the bills, but can the coaches stop acting like roaches and give her a chance to get in the dance?

That was horrible. I apologize.

An interesting article about Lindsay from her alma mater can be found here. It's a pretty touching story, filled with the kind of sad, sad stuff that makes for a great Disney movie. Cut from the Liberty practice squad, practices in Europe for a year, friend gives up, Lindsay goes to Switzerland to hone her skills (no, really), and then comes back and makes the squad to the joy of her family. It would warm my heart if I wasn't actually a robot, hell-bent on destroying humanity.

Bowen's just going to get better and better, as evidenced by the time that she has been able to get on the court. For more information, use your imagination, write to the Liberty, or start your own fansite. Just, whatever you do, don't stalk Lindsay outside her apartment. It can lead to bad, bad results.

I speak from experience.

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