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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Performance Wednesday - An Opera

A partially-preserved opera found in the ruins of an Enlightment-era Italian town, underneath present-day Torre del Greco (near Naples and in the shadow of Vesuvius).

~ * ~ * ~ * ~
An opera in Four Acts.

By Il Scrittore

Summer, during the Years of the Rennaisance

Patrizia, the Leader
Cristiana, a fighter, nicknamed “The Thunderer”
Piu, whose bouts hover between greatness and failure
Battaglia, a joyous Battle-axe of a woman
Spina, a passionate Guard
Ebrea, a Jew and newest member of the Gang
Olendesa, the Dutchman and a stalwart
Martina, a petulant beauty who Patrizia never allows to fight.
Chorus, the Faithful of Madison's Garden

The Liberta, a gang of young rebels, are at war with the rest of the gangs of the Liga da Femminile Pallacanestro, to bring the honor of triumph to their homeland in New Amsterdam. Led by the wily Patrizia, the Liberta engage their enemy at numerous points, but though they begin in strong fashion, their bravado and laughter upset the Lord, and he decides to punish them for their pride. They begin to suffer at the hands of more powerful gangs, and must learn of faith in themselves and each other.

The ending, unfortunately, has not yet been found…


“To Victory!” (Act 1, Scene 1)
The opening song, in which Spina and Olendesa celebrate, with the chorus, their victory over the Cielo, a rival gang. They boast of their accomplishments and their dreams.

“How High Thou Art/Look Thee Not Down” (Act 1, Scene 5)
A Fever swept through their opponents, and the Liberta are again victorious. Patrizia tries to warn her friends not to be too boastful, but none listen. The song ends with the ominous booming (bass drum) of the coming storm, as Lightning crashes (symbolizing the displeasure of God). End of Act 1.

“Labor, O Labor" (Act 2, Scene 3)
A storm of losses have passed, and though the Liberta managed to overcome the heretical Mystica, they know now that there is much work to do. Highlighted by a stunning solo by Cristiana.

“A Rose without a Thorn” (Act 2, Scene 6)
With Spina hurt and Battaglia reeling, the Liberta have suffered another loss (this time to the Monarch of the land) and the rest of the gang must decide what to do. Who will take Spina’s place as Guard? How will they survive and surmount in their coming battles? What will become of them? End of Act 2.


The follow-up to come in August. Sorry about my shitty Italian…

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Rebecca said...

So are we ever going to see the other half of this thing, or was it never found?

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