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Monday, May 28, 2007

Liberty Belle - Jessica Davenport

Player Spotlight
Jessica Davenport

Height: 6’5”
Position: Center
Status: Rookie
College: Ohio State
Michael Keaton or Christian Bale: Bale.

If anyone has photos of Davenport in a Liberty uni, please send them to me!

Turned to stone after witnessing one of Davenport’s moves.

Davenport was all kinds of wicked during her college years in Ohio. She’s the only three-time Big Ten Player of the Year, while also being a three-time first-team All-Big Ten and named three times to the Big Ten All-Defensive team.

FUN FACT: While at Ohio State, Davenport cured cancer from a compound found in her opponents’ tears.

Her college numbers read like something out of a Herculean legend. 2,303 total points in four years (fifth all-time Big-Ten, second in Ohio State) while tying for first in the Buckeyes history with a career .604 mark for Field Goals (875/1448). Her 384 total blocks rank first in Big-Ten history and seventh in the NCAA.

Don’t try to stop her. She’s a force of nature.

She also found time to play for Team USA in their championship over lesser countries at the 2006 Opals World Challenge in Australia.

Any mention of Australia = Kangaroo/Koala picture

Drafted 2nd overall in the WNBA draft, Davenport is now ripping up the court at MSG, where spontaneous moments of worship have broken out among fans through-out the arena.

The Church of Davenport is recognized by the United States and 56 other countries as a non-profit religious organization.

She’s posting good numbers already. She’s going to have a long, strong career in the league (hopefully with the Liberty). Raise a glass to Jessica Davenport, all ye land-lubbin’ libs, and give a hearty “HELL YEAH!”

I know the feeling, Ms. Liberty.

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