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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Nickname Tuesdays - Lindsay Bowen

Lindsay Bowen

So, like Martina Weber, Lindsay Bowen has ridden the bench most of the year. Unlike Weber, Lindsay Bowen has actually managed to get into a couple of games, probably due to some oversite in Saint Patty's overarching scheme of slowly reducing the number of people she needs to play.

Eventually, the game will consist of two starters, a cardboard cutout of Michael Jordon, and Maddie.

Lindsay's a decent player, and a Lib, and so she still deserves a nickname. Hopefully she'll get to play soon, because I rather like the nickname I chose for her.

Lindsay Bowen = Bowser.

With Sherill "Princess Peach" Baker leaving the team, I need a new player to take a Mario nickname, and Bowen's name works the best with it. Just think; she can flambe an opponent or two, stomp the ground, then grab n' smash them off the board in classic fashion.

Methinks I play too much Smash Bros.

Bowen's gonna rock the ball when she gets it, so watch out, all of your haters, villains, and mushroom-eaters, because Bowser's gonna rock your socks off.

Whoa! Bowser is attacking us!!!
This trip is freaky!!!

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