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Monday, June 4, 2007


Loree Moore

Height: 5’9’’
Position: Guard
College: Tennessee ‘05
Never to be Confused With: Michael Moore

One is large, white, and a documentarian, and the other... nah, I got nothin'

Loree Moore is that special kind of baller who kicks ass on a multitude of different levels by staying the shadows and then striking. She’s scored over 140 assists in her two-plus years in the league while managing to keep a lower profile than most. That might be hard this season, as she’s averaging just under 12 ppg while being perfect at the line.

Moore’s Liberty number. The age one can procure alcohol. Coincidentally awesome?

Her exploits in college and internationally are too numerous to mention. I will, however, choose some highlights.

  • With her team, won the silver medal in the 2003 Pan-American Games
  • Played on the Tennessee team that appeared in the Final Four all four of her years in college.
  • Led the Vols in total steals (48) in her Junior Year.
  • Played in Turkey for Galatasry, where she averaged 10.4 ppg and grabbed 7 rebounds per game.
  • Once defeated Mothra and saved Kyoto from certain destruction.

Mister Winthrope Mothra is disputing this claim in a superior Tokyo-based court.

Moore also tore her ACL in college, making her another TWG Honorary Favorite Player.

The bound of a torn ACL is strong amongst the Ballers…

Loree Moore is doing a heckuva lot to keep the Liberty 4-0 this season, and thus, she is the Liberty Belle of the week!

Loree Moore is releasing her new documentary on June 29th… DAMMIT! Wrong Moore!

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