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Monday, July 23, 2007

Liberty Belle - Lisa Willis

Lisa Willis

Height: 5'10''
Position: Guard
College: UCLA
Hometown: Long Beach, CA
Larry, Curly, or Moe: Moe. Definitely Moe.

Cuz they both don't take any crap.

Lisa Willis started the season for the Sparks, and frankly, would have died in ignominy had she stayed there. But thankfully - for we and she - Willis was involved in a trade mid-season for the Georgia Peach.

Hate to see ya Go. By the by, this is your new locker, Willis.

Willis had a strong four years for the Bruins, leading her team 3-Point shots, steals, and a laundry list of other cool accolades (for example, her back-to-back 100 steal seasons were a first for a Bruin). She also earned a gold medal as a member of the USA Women's Basketball team during the World University Games held in Izmir, Turkey. She was also described, via her profile from UCLA, as "[getting] her hands on a lot of balls at the defensive end of the court."

Too hot for ya? I thought so.

This all came to a head in a stand-out senior season in 2005-6. That's when her combined mass of talent and age became too much, and she exploded into a massive supernova that then collapsed to form a black hole, from which nothing - not even light - could escape.

I'm not sure what that means, or if that's true... ah, who the hell cares?

Drafted by the Sparks to prevent certain Universal Destruction (trademarked by the Tagahichi Corporation - Asian Markets - and LoweBrau GMBH - Other Markets), Willis played in 29 games in her first campaign in the WNBA, averaging over 5 points and generally causing mayhem whenever her shoes hit the court.


She started off a bit slowly for the Sparks, prompting a trade. Too bad for the Sparks, as she has grown into a decent reserve guard, with a solid strike from the perimeter and nice passing skills... when she plays, that is.

She also makes a mean omelette, which is key for road trips.

She hasn't played much recently, but expect Willis to become a fixture in the realms of Madison Square. She likes balls, and she knows how to handle them.

Seriously. What was the UCLA Moderator THINKING?!?

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