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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Back on Track - Liberty Win

Do the Hustle!

Liberty 79, Mystics 69

At the end of the first half, the score was 43-25. That is pretty much the game in a nutshell, as the Liberty thoroughly trounced the Mystics to bump their record to 6-2.

Thanks for showing up, Ladies...

True, the last quarter was marked by poor basketball and a semi-comeback from Washington, but on the whole, the Libs dominated in every aspect. Free throws, Field Goals, Rebounds, Points from the Paint… every stat I could think of. True, their numbers weren’t great (41% shots made from the field), but they were good enough.

Whatever. Drinks are on me tonight, ladies.”

Saint Patty did a good job of getting everybody on the court. Christon (16), McCarville (11), Kraayeveld (11), and Farris (10) each had double-digit numbers, and Coyle got to go easy a bit on her starters for once.

"Hey! Don’t forget about me!"

It would have been nice to see Shay Doran play a little more than a minute and eighteen seconds (half of which came in the last 40 seconds). She averages less than two minutes a game in the three games she’s played in, and come on, once the Libs were up by 20, it was pretty obvious the game was in hand.

Sing-a-long time! They’ve got the whole game… in their hand!

Barbara Ann, who’s supposedly harboring a muscle-pull in her leg, had a decent game (10 pts, 4-4 from the Line), but turned the ball over more than a couple of times. She was kinda sloppy, which is easily explained if she was hurt. Coulda brought in one of the reserves, Coyle. It’s a long season.

Where’d SHE come from?!?

The surprise of the night was McCarville, who in selected appearances hasn’t been able to shake off the rust from Charlotte. Against the Mystics (admittedly, not a great standard), she posted 11 points, was a perfect 4-4 and 3-3 from the field and line (respectively), all in just under 12 minutes of play. She still had a few moths in the closet, but it’s good to know that we got some solid reserves in case of the unlikely...

New York Liberty Starters Kraayeveld, Thorn, Moore, and Davenport were killed after they christened the newly relaunched Hindenberg with a flaming Molotov cocktail.

The Mystics slowed down on their quest to have the most personal fouls by the end of the season (25 this game, averaging 26). The next closest? The Shock, averaging 22.67.

Domestic Disturbances have become routine for the D.C.P.D. after Mystics games.

In particular, Monique Currie fouled out for the Mystics. She’d been salty all game, arguing calls, yelling at the refs, making dubious moves. I can say that no one on the Liberty looked too disappointed when she stormed off the court.

So much for “All for one, One for all”

In the win, another win. Next game? At Chicago, this Friday.

Yeah, it's a turkey shoot.

  • Nobody really stood out as extraordinary tonight. Defense suffered some lapses, but managed to hold together when needed.
  • WNBA Official Score: 79-70. Where the hell is the discrepancy? This isn’t gymnastics, people.
  • Delisha Milton-Jones scored 20 for the Mystics, with 9 rebounds and 7-16 from the field. Without her, Washington might has well have suited up the Harvey Milk Freshman Squad.
  • We have GOT to get back into the groove of hitting those shots.
  • Davenport had her first poor game of the season. Rookie-shakes had to come in at some point, you know.
  • Christon lead the team with 16 points, but a majority of those came in the final quarter when the Mystics had their scrubs in.
  • Only home game this season that starts at 7:00. This might have something to do with the stat below…
  • Poor crowd. 6,267 paid attendance, to be exact. According to my media guide, that’s the lowest attendance EVER for a Liberty game at MSG.

Storm 81, Sky 69

This is what I get for changing my mind. Oh, the Sky aren’t that bad! They can pull it off! Great. Credibility shot. Damn. In terms of the game, Lauren Jackson had 19, while Sue Bird had 16 with 11 assists. The Sky blew on defense, as usual.

They suck more than a horny Housewife with a Hoover.

Mercury @ Mystics
Storm @ Fever
Sun @ Lynx
Comets @ Sparks

The Mystics travel back to D.C. to continue their quest for complete ineptitude against Taurasi and the Mercury. No question here, especially without a day’s rest for D.C. Mercury by 9.

Little known fact: Taurasi’s shot is considered a lethal weapon in 43 countries.

The Storm managed to take care of the Sky, but they’re facing Indiana at home. That’s a hornet’s nest if I ever saw one. Fever by 6.

The Lynx try to improve to 2-9, while the Sun try to stay in the hunt. When thinking about games like this, always ask, who has more to lose? That’s right. Sun by 8.

The Comets are due for a win, and the Sparks have been playing above their level, with only their only quality win coming against the Sun. I still can’t bet the Comets, though. Sparks by 3.

Dutch had an interactive chat that’s been posted on the Libs’ site. Check it out. It’s not much beyond the usual “We try to take what we can” and “I really worked hard off-season” banter, but it’s Kraayeveld, and that alone makes it interesting. Her improvement this season can only be attributed to Divine Intervention.

That’s Dutch in the background there. No, no. At the center of that Tornado.

Power Rankings are up for the WNBA’s site. The Libs move up a spot to 4, but are still behind Sacramento. Nothing against the Monarchs, but I don’t buy the WNBA’s explanation of a “win on Monday over Houston” as a reason to keep them ahead of New York. Not to say that two losses in a row are a statement, but… ugh.

That dog don't HUNT, mohn-seen-yooour.

If I can write a Performance Piece, it’ll be up by 4 today. I might skip it, though. I’m kinda running on empty. Until then (or tomorrow)...

See ya, Space Cowboy…

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Laura said...

you mentioned that you wanted people to leave links to sites that hate on the WNBA...well, today i looked up "WNBA" on the facebook group search function, and found tons of groups that pretty much made the same three statements. 1) the WNBA sucks and women shouldn't play sports (there were dozens of these groups, but the majority of them had something misspelled in the title, so at least its CONFIRMED that these people are idiots). 2) so-and-so male basketball player for MVP: of the WNBA!!! The joke got old after i saw literally 20 of the same group with different NBA/NCAA players substituted (joakim noah was a popular one). 3) "the only thing worse than _______ is the WNBA" (e.g., Grey's Anatomy) also, "if the ______ makes it to the NBA finals, I'm watching the WNBA instead!". "who let the ______ (fill in with NBA team) out of the WNBA?"

All in all, it was quite a display of ignorance. I bet all these people are Yankees fans, too? (At least they like to wear the cap and pretend).

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