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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Nickname - Martina Weber

Martina Weber

I was kinda looking forward to this, and kinda not. I put it off for a while in case I could think of any solid name, but nothing came to me. Really, Martina doesn't need any nickname.

Except perhaps "Ms. Awesome".

But, I don't want her to feel left out from the rest of the team. I mean, Thor, Dutch, Bruce, Marvel, Marlowe, Bowser, Muffin, Princess Peach, Saint Patty, the Beatle, and Barbara Ann all got nicknames, so why shouldn't Weber?

I'll keep it PG-13. I swear.

Martina's beginning to play, however, and not a moment too soon. The season is about to go down the tube we need a strong, German-bred, Iona-raised fire Goddess to jump-start the Libs for our final seven games.

Martina Weber = The Playmaker

She's gonna rock, just you wait. She'll hit like a ton of bricks and suddenly, everybody will be wondering where The Playmaker was all year.

She was running through my mind, that's where!

Take it to 'em, Ms. Weber... er, Playmaker. Make some plays and rock your enemies until they beg for mercy.

Sweet, sweet mercy.

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