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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Around the League... entirely…

New York without the Liberty.

Unfortunately, not much news today in terms of the Libs. So, pretty much this entire post is going to be an Around the League segment. That’s what happens when your team isn’t filled with people who are on steroids, beat their wives, or are having baby-mama drama.

Beep beep beep! “Whose ankle-bracelet is going off NOW?”

Mystics 86, Mercury 69
(My Pick: Mercury)
Fever 90, Storm 62
(My Pick: Fever)
Lynx 77, Sun 73
(My Pick: Sun)
Sparks 74, Comets 71
(My Pick: Sparks)

I stopped posting the scores by which I predicted my picks would win because it got too embarrassing. Not that my picks haven’t become embarrassing to some degree… but the Mystics beating the Mercury after flat-lining against New York the day before?

Someone FINALLY remembered to invoke the Dark Lord's name before gametime.

The Fever utterly annihilated the Storm, beating them by 28 points. The storm only made 10% of their 3-Pt attempts, while only scoring 4 points in the 2nd quarter. The Fever lead at the half 50-30, and that was that. To be fair, the Storm were actually up by five after ten minutes, and had some decent play in the second half. Jackson had another great game (17 points), but the Storm were led by Burse (18 pts, 50% from the field, 100% from the line). Indiana? Tan White, with 23 points.

“Bitch better watch whose team she’s on…”

The Lynx won. That puts them at 2-9. A decent crowd showed up, too. I am disappointed that the Sun couldn’t stand on their own against such an awful team. The top three scorers for Minnesota accounted for 57 of their points. If you can shut ONE of those women down, you’ve got a win. Ugh. Still, that’s good news for us. Any time a team lower on us on the totem-pole loses to a Western Conference team, it’s one step closer to the playoffs. I’ll suck in my pride for that. I’m still never picking the Lynx to win, even when Seimone Augustus seems like she’s going for 28 points and over 6 rebounds a game (like yesterday).

It must suck having to carry that team on her shoulders.

The Sparks at home. The Comets on the road. It should have been easy, but the Comets hung in there. Unfortunately, the Comets have been getting a lot of bad breaks for them. They’re not talented in any sense of the word, but they’ve played some tough teams and their 0-8 record is a bit deceiving. That being said, they’re the last team without a win. It takes more than talent and heart to win some games. It takes luck, and they didn’t have it in L.A.

That Orange Haze can wreck a visiting team.

Tamika Catchings is leading the league in All-Star balloting. I hate All-Star games, and the fans-voting in general, and this is exactly the reason why. Catchings is having a fantastic year, but I think certain other players are having much better ones. I guess if it sells seats, all’s well that ends well. Still… I’d hate to be Tina Thompson right now.

The WNBA’s Official Site has Rookie Rankings up. The top two spots are between L.A.’s Marta Fernandez, a free agent pick-up who’s been playing in Europe for a few years (and was named MVP last season), and Lindsey Harding, who’s straight from Duke with the Lynx’s Number 1 pick in the draft. Not quite comparing apples to apples. Jessica Davenport is number 3, by the way. In their words….

“Like any first-year pro, the No. 2 pick out of Ohio State has had ups and downs. Davenport is far from a polished pro at this point, but she's gaining experience with each start for the Liberty and beat the Mercury on June 3 with a huge, final-minute 3-point play. She's not lacking for confidence on the offensive end, and her low-post game will only improve with the more time she spends on the court.”

That’s surprisingly fair. I pretty much agree with that, although I will say that from what I’ve seen, she’s had, in their words, more ups than downs.

All right. Sorry for the boring update. Try to get the Liberty involved in a sex-scandal, or better yet, have them speak about politics. We'll have tons of news for days. Essay up in the afternoon, by 4. Have a good ‘un…

See ya, Space Cowboy…

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