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Monday, May 21, 2007

Liberty Belles - Cathrine Kraayeveld

Money in the Bank.

Player Spotlight
Cathrine Kraayeveld

Position: Forward
Height: 6'4''
College: Oregon '05
Ethnicity: Hopefully Dutch...


Kraayeveld is a two-year vet in the WNBA, having played for the Liberty for the last two seasons (total of 51 games). While only playing in fifteen games in her rookie year, she came on solidly in her sophomore showing, posting a 8.8 point average during the regular season, with 161 rebounds and a solid 3-Pointer avg. She's had 10+ points in nine games, with three 20+ during that stretch. This all seems very solid, but to be fair, I'm still new.

Even this kid knows Kraayeveld rocks.

STATS (Not including this season)
  • Games: 51
  • Points: 367
  • Avg. 7.2
  • Rebounds (Off./Def.): 59/126
  • Kick-Assness Level (K.A.L.): 33 on a 10-point scale.

Looking back on that day, #31 realized she shoulda stayed in bed.

Kraayeveld played for Dexia Numur in Belgium during the off-season, finishing with 10.5 ppg. Thankfully, she didn't succumb to the copious amounts of tight flemish beer that are readily and inexpensively available in that stoic nation. She thus proved that, even in Europe, Kraayeveld knows where it's at.

She's an All-Pac 10 First Team in college, while also being named to the Kodak All-American All-Region team. She tore her ACL in college (blows), but fought back to a strong medical red-shirt year. Drafted by San Antonio in the 2005 Draft (3rd round, 27th pick overall), the Silver Stars waived her before she ever played a single game. New York picked up her contract halfway through 2005 and she's been cleaning up ever since.

San Antonio Silver Stars General Manager, Professor Moron Q. Dumbass

Kraayeveld is also The Writer's Girlfriend's (TWG) Honorary favorite Liberty player, as TWG also tore her ACL and feels a kinship with those who have suffered the same misfortune. The fact that Kraayeveld is Awesometm doesn't hurt, either.

So, here's to you, Cathrine Kraayeveld. You're the first Liberty Belle, and you're quite spiffy otherwise. Rock on!

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