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Friday, June 29, 2007

WEEK IN REVIEW – Liberty at .500


San Antonio 70, New York 63
Indiana 74, New York 63
Sacramento 59, New York 46

It’s not been a good week for the Libs. When you can’t score more than 63 points, that’s not a good sign. When a former teammate all but swears a blood-oath, that’s an even worse sign. And when your entire team just seems to give up in the fourth quarter? Well…

The team that started out 5-0 (admittedly against some weaker teams) has come across looking like a team that’s going to scrape the bottom of the playoff bracket. With losses to San Antonio, Indiana, and Sacramento, it drops us to an even 7-7.

That’s legalized sodomy is what that is.

Thanks to the pure ineptitude of the cellar of the East, we’re still in Third, but that’s damning by faint praise. Even sticking in our same divisional spot, we could be in a hell of a lot better shape. Had we won just one of those games - say, the game against Chicago…

Alternative nicknames for the Sky: The Suck, the Jumpers (as in Bandwagon), the Clowns, and the Please-Ignore-This-Comment-And-Call-Me-Back-Claire-Cogginses.

…we’d be three games ahead of the Sky and with a comfortable lead-in going into this weekend’s games. As it is, there is very little margin for error with the Sparks and Storm.

And you know what a stickler I am for margins.

The Middle-Man was benched last game due to her play. Thor is slowing down. Battle and Moore are all over the map, while Dutch isn’t acting very Dutch-like at all.

More like a Walloon, if you ask me.

Still, there is some good news on the horizon. Thorn will be back soon, the Belles can’t ignore their talent forever, and after a four game cab ride through Hell (Detroit, Sacramento, Indiana, Detroit again), the rest of our schedule is very doable.

Doable. The greatest semi-English word in the Extended Slang Dictionary.


Cathrine Kraayeveld – 31 points
Lisa Willis – 30 Points
Ashley Battle – 16 Rebounds

Smile, baby, Smile…


Shameka Christon – 9 points in 2 games.
Jessica Davenport – Last two games? 18 minutes total.
Loree Moore – 17 points against Indiana. The game before and after? A total of 2.

Cuz if you don’t, you’d surely weep…

All right, enough of that. Live in the now! Remember the past, but look to the future!

Californ-ee is the place for me!


For some reason, I started my game preview for Seattle before I started on the one for L.A.

I’m crazy like that.

In any case, if you want a bit more depth, look below for the Libs. Up here, I’m going to deal with L.A.

As well as anyone CAN deal with L.A.

The Sparks are in 3rd in the West, but only a half a game separates them from 5th. After Holdsclaw retired, many people were predicting the Sparks to go down in flames, but it has, in fact, not been quite so cut and dry. L.A. continues to play a very strange game that yields odd results that are all over the map.

Much like any number of presidential hopefuls…

Witness two wins over Sacramento, but a loss to Minnesota. McWilliams-Franklin leads the team in points (12.7), but the strength of the Sparks relies on their team-first attitude, passing the ball around (much like the Libs) and finding chinks in their opponents armor. They’re not the best in any single category, but they do well enough in the good ones to take down opponents much larger than them.

State Law requires a David and Goliath reference…

Michael Cooper (Head Coach and Lakers God for the uninitiated) knows how to make something out of very little. Considering that one of his strongest players skipped town, he’s done an admirable job keeping an off-kilter and underwhelming L.A. team together. Of course, after winning two Championships, one picks up a few things.

They say that if he looks you in the eyes, your body bursts into rapturous flame…

  • Shut down passing lanes. Force individual Sparks into bad situations and force them to turnover the ball.
  • Start to hit 3’s again. The Sparks are abysmal in their defense beyond the arc (with the worst defense of any .500+ team), and if we can take it to them from there, the game is almost assured.
  • Take choice fouls. The Sparks are also bad at the line (although not as bad as the Libs…), and if needed, some tough-driving could send a message while cutting down on some “assured” points.
Then it’s off to the Emerald City…


The Liberty (7-7) take in their third game of their West Coast road trip against the Seattle Storm (7-7) on Sunday at 9ET/6PT. The Liberty are 2-7 after opening 5-0, while the Storm lost last night against the Comets, continuing down the path of their up-and-down season.

Like the Cyclone? Try the Storm.

The Storm are the (pen)ultimate team for a passionate fan. They have a pair of superstars to root for, a emotional-roller coaster of a coach, a winning history, heart-breaking losses, pressure, and an up-and-down season that can just as easily deliver triumph as despair.

The Key Arena has 911 on Speed Dial.

New York, meanwhile, has been a sleeping giant, with great performances from individual players that don’t reoccur with any frequency or along any other teammates wavelength. Thorn is out, Davenport is in a slump, Christon/Kraayeveld/Moore are all playing below potential, and their never-say-die attitude, once touted as their greatest strength, has… well, died.

You my boy, Blue!

Seattle, with Lauren Jackson leading the league in PPG (as well as being in the top 6 in FG%, 3P%, and FT), has been solid at home (5-2), however, while the Liberty have suffered most of their losses on the road (2-4). One team is coming out over .500, the other, below. It’s going to be a knock-down, drag-‘em-out fight to the finish.

Keep it clean and come out boxing!

  • Lockdown Bird or Jackson. Containing both is out of the question, but when one of Seattle’s bulldogs is chained, the bite is taken out of their game.
  • Hit the basket. Be patient and take quality shots. Bad angles lead to bad rebounds lead to a rush back to the other court.
  • Play strong D. This is connected with the first point, but it is strong. When the Liberty have a good perimeter, they win games. When they open up and let people walk in, they lose.
  • Come out on fire. Setting up an early lead sends a big message and takes the edge off of the later part of the game, when the Libs are apt to take more chances and hurt themselves in the process.

Houston 81, Seattle 76

A close game, but the Comets showed that they can give as good as they take, putting the Storm on their heels at the half and never letting go. The Comets effectively shut down Sue Bird, who had no points for the night and just three assists, and while Jackson (25 pts) and Lennox (23 pts) picked up the slack, it wasn’t enough. Tina Thompson and her entourage had a great game and pressed the Storm into oblivion. The team that started out 0-10 is now 4-1 in their last five.

Well played, gals.

Fever @ Sun
Shock @ Mystics
Lynx @ Silver Stars
Sky @ Monarchs

Mercury @ Comets

Sky @ Mystics

The Sun need to turn around, but the Fever keep rolling like the Stones.

70 and Sexy, baby!

Tamika Catchings is playing in a near omnipotent fashion and the Fever’s defense is considered a war-crime in several countries. The Sun, meanwhile, look like their out of gas. The have to refill sometime, but Indiana is going to make it hard. Fever by 8.

Shock in Washington? No. Sorry, no. Not even going to bother. Shock by 10.

The Lynx take on the Silver Stars. Seimone Augusts is the only reason the Lynx have four wins, and while San Antonio isn’t nearly as intimidating as they seem (says a Libs fan), they get the job done. Becky Hammon is making a strong case for MVP, and the Lynx can’t keep a run going to save their lives. Silver Stars by 7.

The Sky at Monarchs? I wish I could downplay the Sky, but they’ve proven they can win a handful of games. The Monarchs, however, have a heart of black coal and would strangle a kitten with their defense if it meant holding onto first place.

No kittens were harmed in the making of this post. Please don’t call PETA.

Look for the Monarchs to continue their black reign of hideously strong D. Monarchs by 7 1/2.
The Mercury in Houston? Who’s going to win? The upstart Comets, with their bellies full of fire and their stool full of blood? Or the Mercury, the fleet-footed, zero-defense Gods of Old? Taurasi makes any game interesting, but I believe she’s still out on parole after her tirade with the refs. I’m going to put my money where my mouth is: I think people are giving the Comets WAY to much crap. Houston… to win.

Another battle of the depths. The Sky are horrid, but Washington is – marginally – coming around. Both have strong individuals – Dupree (CHI) and Beard (WAS) – but lack that cohesiveness that a strong team needs. It all depends on who sucks less that game, frankly. My uncle always taught me to bet against the team that you love, mostly because he was a cynical bastard who always believed in defeat, but also because if the team you hate wins, it means that you were right. Better right and unhappy than wrong and unhappy. Sky by 6.

All right, this has been a massive post. I need to get some work done. I hope you all have a good weekend. I’m not even going to try to put stuff up tomorrow. Check back on Monday, where I will be cheering the victories two glorious victories (by a combined scored of 240-16 and marking the surprise return of Weatherspoon to the court). Until then…

See ya, Space Cowboy…

Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Klein League

(Just for your info: This is more about the league rather than the people supporting it.)

Does anyone here know what a Klein bottle is? No? For those who do not keep up with abstract mathematical concepts, it is an object that has neither an outside nor an inside. It is similar to a mobius strip, in that when a line is traced on the “outside”, it will eventually run into the “inside,” except that it is a 3-D form (a bottle shape, and due to a translation error, from whence it got its name). For a depiction, and more of an explanation, check out here. In essence, however, and for my intents here, it means that normal constructs of thought on orientation are rendered meaningless. Interesting, yes. But what does this have to do with the WNBA, you may ask?

Well, a lot of people like to think of the WNBA as a Klein bottle (Klein surface is more correct, but bear with me), in that the old rules of sporting (be it on the court or in the front office) don’t need to apply. The WNBA is NOT your everyday league, they say. These are women playing professionally, and people need to stop being morons and come to our side. The old paradigms don’t exist anymore. One or two readers out there who have seen my blog have emailed such (or similar) comments to me. All of this is true, and I’m not disputing these facts.

However, it is important to remember that the Klein bottle is, at least in our universe, a theoretical thought-experiment. Figures of Klein bottles have been made, but in the same way that a true four-dimensional construct can only be simulated, so too can a true Klein surface only be simulated. These constructions are not perfect, and they still must constrain themselves to the physical rules of this universe.

The WNBA suffers from the same conundrum. In an ideal universe, the WNBA would be able to exist and evolve based on its own merits and conditions, rather than those set out before it. However, it exists in a world run by men who are much more likely to insult it than ignore it. It must sell tickets in a market in which sex-appeal and sports are intertwined. The rules can be twisted and even broken, but they can’t be ignored. This is the way it is in the current climate of the American Sporting.

This may sound a bit odd coming from me, considering my own essay about women’s rights and liberations can, but there is a key difference. Women and men cannot compete to exist: as two parts of the same species, there must be cooperation and understanding to survive. While the league is nice, at the end of the day, it is merely a water-mark to show how high the tide of public opinion has turned; it is not a necessity. The WNBA is a business, and businesses come and go. It is noble that so many people are trying to promote the women’s game, but it is still an enterprise to make money. And because it makes money, it must abide by the law of supply-and-demand. People must want to see the WNBA to survive.

That’s a kind of obvious conclusion to make, but it is true. If this league is to survive, it will be the middling/on-the-fence fan who will decide the fate of this league. It may be kind of depressing to think that Joe Six-pack is deciding the fate of the league, but there it is. The game itself is good. The interest is out there (as evidenced by 2001’s attendance record). The talent level is arguably higher than it has ever been. There are teams in thirteen major cities (including one in the third most populous metro-area in the world, and each of the top three cities in the United States). Television coverage is increasing. And yet attendance is down. People simply aren’t coming. If all of the previous statements are true, then something must be wrong with the way that the league presents itself.

Just supporting the fact that the league exists is not enough, and it is not nearly the same thing. Outside is not inside. The WNBA does not have to promote itself as a Sex/Sporting Event like every other league out there, but it must come to the realization that if they don’t, the teams and players won’t get nearly as much recognition. This isn’t bad; it just “Is”. If they want to win over the public and maintain a strong presence in the minds and pocketbooks of Americans, then it needs to find some OTHER way to appeal to the masses. The WNBA can’t have it both ways; Donna Orender can’t write a letter saying “we’re not going to be like the other leagues” and wait for the people to come to her. That is not how a business works. There needs to be constant and progressive marketing that will get people off their couches and into the seats.

The WNBA is a lot of fun and I have learned a lot since starting this blog. However, I am hardly representative of a normal population. I smoke cigars while I watch cartoons. I perform in a sketch comedy troupe and brew my own beer. I have a penis and I update a blog about a women’s sport while arguing about how sex, while being fantastic, has overrun our culture. I am clearly not in the majority. I want the WNBA to succeed, and I try to get people interested, but I’m only one person. I’m not a multi-million dollar corporation with the ability to advertise and push its product. If only there was such a business out there that COULD redefine what traditional market roles can be…

Oh, wait. There is.

Short Post... Sorry

Pretty quiet on the Liberty Front...

Not much to report. Game tomorrow, of course. In L.A. Erin Thorn's still out. If the rumors are right, Thor might sit. It's going to be a tough middle-of-the-road-trip game.

Yeah, that's about right...

Other than that, not a lot to say. I'm going to keep this short, as its a slow day and I have a LOT of work to do. Sorry about the small post. I know you lads and lasses live for it.

Hey! That is uncalled for!


Shock 77, Sun 74
Sparks 74, Monarchs 66

Who's got two thumbs and called 'em?

THIS guy!

The Sun stuck with it more than they should have, and if it weren't for a disastrous 3rd quarter, probably would have won. But even so, that drops them to 5-10, which is pretty pitiful, especially with how strong they started out. Whoa... deja vu...

There but for the grace of God, go we...

The Sparks over the Monarchs? Doesn't surprise me. Marta Fernandez (26 points, 11-15 from the field) continues to kick major ass and the Monarchs continue to struggle on O, even if the Sparks didn't make a single 3 (0-7). When a team that relies on their defense can't control the game inside the arc, they're going to lose. L.A.'s been up and down all season and it was time for them to take a game against a team who just can't figure out how to play in the Forum.

It's the same court everywhere, ladies.

Storm @ Comets

Now, HERE'S an interesting game. Seattle beat the Comets in their last two games, but Houston has been coming on strong. They're at home and the Storm, while decent this year, are DEFINITELY not playing like a team that has Sue Bird and Lauren Jackson on the roster. It's a question for the ages... but I think the Storm are going to pull it off. If they don't, though, I won't be dissapointed. I like those scrappy Comets. Storm by 5.

Speaking of Seattle, Donna Orender talks turkey after visiting Puget Sound. Donna? When is someone going to fire the scheduler and hire some marketing people who know their ass from the donkey next door?

That's an interesting question, but first, let me introduce you to the new owners of the Houston Comets, Jeffrey Skilling and Bernard Ebbers!

Article up on the WNBA site about what's it like to be a number 1 draft pick. McCarville went first overall to Charlotte, remember? She's even mentioned in there. Interesting article, but little more than fluff, especially when you consider that, while cool and interesting, it's nowhere near as pressure-filled or covered as the NFL draft. If you want to know more about Seimone Augustus, or if you like Susan Bird, or Lindsey Harding, however, you're golden.

Rookie rankings up on WNBA. The Middle-Man drops to fifth. Now, here's what I think is bullshit. While the coverage continues to say that Davenport's having a decent season, it starts off by saying, "It's fair to say that Davenport has underwhelmed so far in her rookie campaign, especially when she's compared to the player for whom she was traded, Becky Hammon. " Oh? Davenport isn't playing as well as Becky Hammon? One of the best players in the league? Who's had eight years of pro experience? Great lead-in. Also, I would venture to say that Davenport hasn't been dissapointing. I would say that she still needs work, but...


Anyway... that's all from me. Slow and busy. Yadda yadda yadda. I'll post my essay up in the afternoon (probably late... sorry). Until then...

See ya, Space Cowboy...

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Performance Wednesday - An Opera

A partially-preserved opera found in the ruins of an Enlightment-era Italian town, underneath present-day Torre del Greco (near Naples and in the shadow of Vesuvius).

~ * ~ * ~ * ~
An opera in Four Acts.

By Il Scrittore

Summer, during the Years of the Rennaisance

Patrizia, the Leader
Cristiana, a fighter, nicknamed “The Thunderer”
Piu, whose bouts hover between greatness and failure
Battaglia, a joyous Battle-axe of a woman
Spina, a passionate Guard
Ebrea, a Jew and newest member of the Gang
Olendesa, the Dutchman and a stalwart
Martina, a petulant beauty who Patrizia never allows to fight.
Chorus, the Faithful of Madison's Garden

The Liberta, a gang of young rebels, are at war with the rest of the gangs of the Liga da Femminile Pallacanestro, to bring the honor of triumph to their homeland in New Amsterdam. Led by the wily Patrizia, the Liberta engage their enemy at numerous points, but though they begin in strong fashion, their bravado and laughter upset the Lord, and he decides to punish them for their pride. They begin to suffer at the hands of more powerful gangs, and must learn of faith in themselves and each other.

The ending, unfortunately, has not yet been found…


“To Victory!” (Act 1, Scene 1)
The opening song, in which Spina and Olendesa celebrate, with the chorus, their victory over the Cielo, a rival gang. They boast of their accomplishments and their dreams.

“How High Thou Art/Look Thee Not Down” (Act 1, Scene 5)
A Fever swept through their opponents, and the Liberta are again victorious. Patrizia tries to warn her friends not to be too boastful, but none listen. The song ends with the ominous booming (bass drum) of the coming storm, as Lightning crashes (symbolizing the displeasure of God). End of Act 1.

“Labor, O Labor" (Act 2, Scene 3)
A storm of losses have passed, and though the Liberta managed to overcome the heretical Mystica, they know now that there is much work to do. Highlighted by a stunning solo by Cristiana.

“A Rose without a Thorn” (Act 2, Scene 6)
With Spina hurt and Battaglia reeling, the Liberta have suffered another loss (this time to the Monarch of the land) and the rest of the gang must decide what to do. Who will take Spina’s place as Guard? How will they survive and surmount in their coming battles? What will become of them? End of Act 2.


The follow-up to come in August. Sorry about my shitty Italian…

Back in the Hole - Liberty Lose

This is the way the world ends/Not with a bang, but a whimper...

Sacramento 59, New York 46

How fitting that I am re-reading A Farewell to Arms, a book about a romance blossoming in a war without point or end...


Get it?...


All right, I'll just skip to the jokes.

The game was a travesty for the Liberty from beginning to end. We were down 15-1 at the beginning, and at the end, it wasn't that much better. Sacramento at times looked like they were toying with the Libs, passing back and forth, into the paint, out of the paint, around and around, shooting in the air, grabbing their own rebound, and then starting it all over again.

Yeah, that's exactly how it felt.

Sacramento's defense dominated the game, once again, although the Libs didn't help themselves with some truly atrocious shots. We had 6 points in the first quarter, 9 points in the second, for a total of 15 (FIFTEEN!!!) points at the half. The Monarchs are one of the best teams in the leagues, and this is how they do it. Is this how the future of the WNBA is going to look? Donna Orender? Your thoughts?

Let's expand to Northern Arkansas!

Anyway, Sacramento, after scoring 19 in the first quarter, sat on their haunches for most of the game, making baskets when the needed to, but focusing on cutting down every line of attack possible. The Libs managed to storm out after the half and reduce the Monarchs' lead to 44-35, but it was for naught. The Monarchs clamped down again, held the Libs to 11 in the 4th, and that was that.

That's all, folks.

Some telling statistics? The Libs shot 30% from the field and 25% from the 3-pt line, usually where they excel. They gave up 22 turnovers, which isn't too much compared to the Monarchs' 21, but ten of them came from Moore and McCarville, while the leaders for the Monarchs were their reserves.

I can't even make a joke about that.

The Monarchs only had one person make double-digit points (Rebekkah Brunson, with 15), but almost everybody on their team got in on the act. The Liberty, on the other hand, had a far-shortened bench, with 4 players out (Farris, Doran, Weber, and Thorn), although Thor (0-6 FG, her single (1) point coming from a free throw) played like she was still on the bench, too.

Sorry. Like the sun, no one is safe from my burns.

All in all, an awful game. I really can't say much beyond that.

  • Highest point total for a Lib? Willis, with 15, all of them from beyond the arc. Remember when I said that we made a bad trade for her? No? Neither do I...
  • Davenport played a total of four and a half minutes. If someone's sending her a message, it's ringing loud and clear.
  • Lindsay Bowen was out there again, only for four minutes, registering no points.
  • No Martina Weber. Come on? What is there to lose.
  • After starting 5-0, we're now 7-7 for the season. That's 2-7 since our skid began, with only 3 wins in our last ten.

It's not as bad as it may seem. There's twenty games left in the season - a lot of wiggle-room is available. Five games are left against opponents we have significantly good chance of thumping - two games against Chicago, two against Washington, and one against Minnesota. If we take four of those five, that leaves us fifteen games left at 11-8.


However, that leaves us some question marks. We play Detroit three more times, with games in Indiana and against Sacramento at home. If we can pick up ONE of those games, that leaves us 12-12.


That leaves us with ten games that decide our fate. Three against Connecticut (two at home); two against Seattle, Houston, and L.A., and a final game against Phoenix. With how we are playing now, all of these games are up in the air. I don't even know how we'll fare against the Comets, as they've begun to wake up, or the Sun, who are definitely playing below their talent level.

Okay, so here's gut-check time. We're even; forget 7-7, we're 0-0 as of now. Henceforth, it's a twenty game fight to the finish. If we can hold it together and make the playoffs, we'll be better than everybody said at the beginning of the season. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Next game?

Let's show 'em how the East Coast plays the game...


Storm 94, Sky 76
Houston 75, San Antonio 67
Washington 91, Connecticut 75

The Seattle-Chicago game is the only game that didn't surprise me. Chicago is everybody's darling this year, and I can't stand it. Sure, Candice Dupree is killer (18 pts, 7 rbnds), and Jia Perkins had a tremendous game (19 pts, 7 rbnds), but they come across as a team of individuals, rather than a unified front. Thankfully, the ladies from Puget Sound didn't dissapoint me and thoroughly stomped the Sky. Lauren Jackson? A monstrous 33 points, with 12 rebounds.

I tried to get Jackson's autograph once, but she said she had to stop some earthquake in Tahiti...

Houston's beating of the Silver Stars was a bit surprising, but not much. I'd always thought the Comets had a bit more talent than people were giving them credit for (check my old posts if you don't believe me), and since they won they're first game, they've been playing really well. San Antonio, so strong against the Libs, couldn't handle their fire, I guess. Highlights? Becky Hammon (SA) with 32 pts, Houston with four of their starters scoring above ten points, San Antonio shooting almost 50% from the field, and the Comets 35 (!) rebounds.

"What? Is this illegal?"

The biggest surprise was Washington's utter dismantling of the Sun. Alana Beard (WAS), with 20, was one of four Mystics with more than 12 points, while Katie Douglas led the Sun with 19. It sucks that the Sun are so bad at home, considering how well a team in Uncasville is supported, but if one can't take care of D.C. on the road, maybe it's for the best that the season is ratched up to a loss and people begin thinking about next year. That drops the Sun to 1-6 at home, and makes for the Mistakes fourth win of the season, putting them a game behind the Sun for the battle for the bottom in the East.

What a shocker.

Sun @ Shock
Monarchs @ Sparks

So, the Sun are going into Detroit after getting eating alive by the worst team in the East to play the BEST team in the East without a day of rest? Do I even need to go into my pick for this one? Detroit by 8.

The Monarchs are a different story. A day off doesn't mean as much in the WNBA as it does in other leagues, but it does help out a lot, especially going on the road against a team that they've had trouble with this season (an 88-85 win, and a double overtime loss). The Sparks haven't been doing well recently, but they do have enough of a passing game to overwhelm a defensive system. Sparks by 4.

An interesting article by Clay Kallam about the future of the WNBA. It's like my "Now and Future" essay way back when, except his is, you know, better written, well-researched, and with a firm grip on reality. Good stuff, if a bit depressing.

This Livejournal fellow has a different, though similar, take on last night's game . He (she?) is also disgruntled about game that Sacramento is playing. Much like the New Jersey Devils, a winning team doesn't always make a fun team to watch.

This other Blogspot blogger has her own WNBA site up and running. She's still in high school, and she JUST started out, but check out her site and leave comments to tell her to keep it up. She has a nice "just-the-facts" style of writing, I must say. She might go up on my links.

Speaking of links, I'm going to clean house on this blog soon. Meaning, that all of the Liberty Belles, Nicknames, etc. are going to be up on the left and, hopefully, all the broken pics will be replaced. I can't promise anything - work, writing, and doing my thing come first - but if I get a chance, I'll do it. Performance piece up in the afternoon.

See ya, Space Cowboy...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Nickname Tuesdays - Lisa Willis

Lisa Willis

Okay, so now that Willis is in the fold, now, prepping and battling it out with the rest of the Libs in their bid to storm to the citadel of the Eastern Conference.

"That little quote gave me goosebumps!"

Now that she's here, however, she needs a nickname. Something that her teammates can shout over the din of the crowd, that is easily recognizable, and is also kinda catchy. It cannot, however, be something conventional.

Unconventional is the new conventional.

So, what to do? Bear with me, here, but I think I know of something that'll definitely work. I'm not trying to be mean, or anything else, I just keep coming back to it.

Lisa Willis is henceforth known as "Bruce"

The new Die Hard movie is coming out tomorrow, anyway, and while it will probably blow (PG-13?!? Whaaaaaaaaaaa?!?), there are many other Bruce Willis roles out there that she epitomizes.

Helps out supernatural children, travels through time, robs museums while singing oldies... okay, maybe not.

By the way, if any of you out there have ideas for nicknames, send 'em in. They can't be worse than mine.

How could they be?
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