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Friday, July 13, 2007

Week in Review - Liberty 2-1

Two out of three ain't bad.

We won two and lost one. I'll take that to the bank any day of the week.

Invest, you dumbass!

New York 82, Detroit 81 (OT)
New York 71, Sacramento 61
Indiana 79, New York 63

It all started off in Motor City. I wasn't expecting much this game - hoping for a win, but preparing for a loss - but the Liberty showed up to play, and play they did, taking the leaders of the Eastern Conference...

Sorry. FORMER leaders...

... the distance. It was a nail-biter that chugged into overtime, but the Liberty were too much. All five starters scored more than ten points, Miss Marvel was a monster with 18, and though our 3-point shooting wasn't anywhere near our level, we managed to significantly out-play Detroit over the 45 minutes.

Aside from a few lapses, of course...

Sacramento was the next big'un. Once again, I figured that we had taken our game from Detroit, and prepared for another 22-17 loss to the Monarchs.

Sacramento cheap seats are located in the seventh circle of Hell.

The Belles surprised me again, and made me realize that I should never count them out. They've got the gifts and style to take them far, if only they can utilize them. As shown by tearing apart the best defense in the West, there's no wall that cannot be surmounted.

The battle is won! The ramparts are ours!!!

Of course, it couldn't last, but my hopes remained high. I thought that we could ride that wave all the way through our three toughest games, but no. Indiana showed up wanting to play some ball and the Liberty forgot to tie their shoes.


Indiana wasn't dominant, but they certainly schooled the Libs, taking them high into the half and letting their scrubs come in to finish the feast by the end of the game. New York, meanwhile, kept trying to wake up.


But it was too late. The game was done, and the Libs were 10-9. Not great, but considering that we only won 15 games in the whole of last year, I think a significant improvement. Of course, not much could be WORSE than last year...

Unless you're from Chicago. Or Charlotte.

  • Janel McCarville. She led the team in points (40) and showed why she was drafted 1st overall two years ago.
  • Sharper defense. A much improved line that, while losing a bit of steam around the arc, managed to cut down on passes.
  • Good support. Kraayeveld, Thorn, Christon, Moore... basically all the starters showed how to play the women's game.
  • Beating the top team in the East and then top team in the West.
  • Losing to Indiana. The Fever are the new top dogs, but we didn't even make a game of it.
  • Inconsistency showed. Especially in the third game. Teammates have to pick up the slack when one player falters, and the Libs didn't show it.
  • Threes. Still struggling to regain early season form.
  • Tiffany Jackson. 47 minutes played and only 11 points (8 of those coming in one game).
  • Fans. Let's try to get the Liberty back in the top of Attendance, okay? Small but vocal still loses to large and vocal.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending upon how you view it), we have the All-Star game coming up. That means that we won't play until next Wednesday. I'm not too pleased with this, but it is an annoyance I can live with. After that, the next three we have are...

DETROIT - In Auburn Hills. God, another one of these games might just kill me.
HOUSTON - At home. The Comets are hot. I'm more worried about this game than the next one.
SEATTLE - At home. Sue Bird will still be out, but the Storm are still a force to be reckoned with.

Akin to Paris Hilton after knocking back a few.

A fan of the site sent this along. It's a Friday the 13th sports parody from his own site. Funny stuff, especially the last one (it's damn eerie).

A new magazine is out there that deals with gay and lesbian sports figures. We all know that Lesbians make up a large (relative to their actual ratio within the population) fan base of the WNBA, and this could give exposure. If the morons on talk radio can stop being neanderthalic knuckle-draggers for two minutes.

"Chimp from Central Park Zoo on line two. What up?"
"Chimp say women can't play ball. They only good for mammoth-bait, or else are lesbians!"

Until Monday.

See ya, Space Cowboy...

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