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Monday, July 9, 2007

And Thor Spoke - Liberty win 2

Two in the box, ready to go. We be fast, and they be slow!

New York 71, Sacramento 61
New York 82, Detroit 81 (OT)

This weekend started out like any other, but through the power of drinking and ballin’, the Liberty have emerged 9-7, with two wins over the top teams in each conference.

Boo yah!

It all started off in Detroit. Everybody knew this was going to be a hard-fought game, and the Shock didn't give the Libs any latitude. The first quarter? Tied 15 all. Tough shooting, good defense, and a strong intimidation factor put Detroit up at the half, however, 37-32.

Sometimes, ya gotta get mean.

But the Liberty didn't give it up, not by a long shot. Led by a career night for Janel McCarville, the Liberty stormed back, pulling within a point of Detroit by the end of the Third. Major props to the Liberty D by keeping the Eastern Conference All-Star team... er, the Detroit Shock... limited (only 12 points in the third).


Then comes the 4th. Remember this day, lads and lasses, for it shalt be written in the annals of history as THE 10 minutes that decided this season. It's back and forth ball the whole way, with the Liberty taking the lead, 51-49, off of a sick 3-pointer from Thor one minute and fifteen seconds in, then surrendering it less than thirty seconds later. Then it's up again, then back again, and all over the place.

Following the play-by-play is like reading "Quantum Mechanics Made Hard" in Chinese.

Kraayeveld came out like the Dutchwoman she is, making two free-throws, a layup after her own rebound, and then a three-pointer. Thorn, finally back in the lineup, shows up as well, giving the shock a headache around the line and hitting two huge free throws to put the Liberty ahead 73-70 with ten seconds left. It looks like it's all done, but don't forget who's on their team...

Nicknamed "Ms. Basketball." Also known as "Goddammit!!!"

Nolan hit's the the 3 with four seconds left, and after a missed shot by Moore, it's going into overtime...

Belt those guts, lassies, and get ready for the war.

Five minutes of hell follow. Thorn, a bit out of position, gets the ball and makes a tasty layup. Nolan gets the ball... misses. Moore gets the ball, a pass to Thorn. BAM! Two points. Back to Nolan again...

Moore comes up with it. To Kraayeveld. Miss. McCarville grabs it. Back out to Kraayeveld. Miss. McCarville stretches like Mister Fantastic and comes up with it. Thorn calls. McCarville throws it. Thorn takes grabs it.

Automatic three points.

Smith gets it back for Detroit and sinks a three, but McCarville comes up huge again with a killer klinker. Latta gets the ball for Detroit, but a streak of Lightning spooks her and she gives up the ball.

Thanks for the game, moron!

Christon passes it to... McCarville? Again? She fouls out, but the Liberty have their lead, 82-76, with a little under two minutes to play. The Shock try to bring it back, but the line holds. Nolan gets the ball at the buzzer, but you know how that's been going...

Game. Set. Match.

Light a stogie and call it a day.

But wait. Don't we have a game on Sunday? Did they use up all their energy on one win against the Shock? Will the Liberty have enough to pull it off?

You better believe it.

Rest of the update and Liberty Belle in the afternoon...

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