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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Relaxing Day


Still reeling from the two big wins over the weekend. It makes this dead news day that much more bearable.

Bearable? Get it?...whatever…

There’s this nice piece about McCarville from the Daily News. Rock on, McCarville. I won’t compliment you on all of the features of yours that I find attractive, as they are not appropriate for a PG-13/soft-R rated blog such as mine. However, I will say that you’re a damn-fine baller and you have kicked ass so far this season.

You go, Glenn Coco… er, Janel McCarville.

Not much beyond that. On to League news…


Storm @ Sparks
Lynx @ Mystics
Sky @ Shock
Fever @ Comets

Long ago, I wandered into the steppes of the Himalayas to meet an old Medicine Man who lived atop the snow-capped peaks that jut from the earth like the teeth of an ancient beggar. Once there, I asked him the question that had been haunting my life since I had grown cognizant enough to hear that ghost's voice. His reply?

"Follow not the tide, my son. Chose your own path.”

Who am I to argue with the Medicine Man? Sparks by 6.

The Lynx and the Mystics meet up to see who can try and dig themselves out of their respective holes. Now, I am going to look at it this way; if I could only have one of these teams to defend me in a basketball brawl for it all from a wise-cracking intergalactic Globetrotter ensemble...

“Have none of you pathetic Earthlings ‘game’?"

...it would whichever team had Alana Beard at home. Mystics by 5.

A new reader from Chicago finds the Libertine on a message board. “Oh, the Sky! I wonder what this nice young man is going to think of my favorite team!” Suck it, m’dear. Shock by 7.

Okay, for some real analysis, the Comets have been doing much better recently, though I would hesitate to call them “on fire”. Same goes for Indiana, which is the best team in the league right now but can be perplexingly inconsistent. The Comets are at home, but Indiana can win or lose where they want, depending upon their mood. I would normally back the Comets, but I’m not feeling comfortable going against Tamika Catchings. Fever by 8.

Jenny Boucek discusses her plans for the All-Star game. A typical question and answer…
Q: So, how are you going to coach these ladies?
A: Coach?! I’m scenery! This is a paid vacation to D.C., dumbass! It’s an ALL-STAR GAME!

The Reserves for the All-Star game have been announced. Guess which team is the ONLY team not represented?

Thanks for the votes, New York. Braxton DEFINITELY deserves to go over me.

ESPN’s Power Rankings are up. So are the WNBA's. The Liberty pop up a few points in each, and that’s what wins against quality opponents can do.

Nickname up at the usual time (read: whenever I can get to it). Prepare yourself, lads and lasses. More of the same brutality coming up. Indiana and Detroit on the road.

Thank you, Scheduler From Above!

See ya, Space Cowboy…

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