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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wednesday - Game-Day's Eve

The storm approaches...

Batton down the hatches and prepare ye'selves, matey! Tis the August bloom from the woods of Connecticut! It be roaring down to test our mettle and resolve, and we be not leaving without facing its harsh gales. They call it the Widow-maker, lassies! Hold on tight and we shall ride it out yet!!!

Yeah, that's enough of that.

Game tomorrow. Are you excited? Cuz I am. No Liberty news, otherwise.


Mystics 97, Storm 96
Silver Stars 71, Fever 63
Shock 92, Sun 88
Monarchs 67, Sparks 59

The Storm made quite the game out of their tussle in Washington, but the Mystics, thanks to their Lord and master, Satan...

...who's really not that bad...

...managed to hold on and ride out the Storm into overtime, where all the bounces seemed to go their way. Lauren Jackson had 47 points and 14 rebounds, an amazing display matched only by the Mystics having three players with 22+ points. Let's face it; the defense in this game was mud. It was a playground smack-down that the Mystics managed to control.

The Fever, sans Tamika Catchings, couldn't hold onto their lead in the first half and let the Stars take them to the extra five, where San Antonio showed how a game is a marathon, not a sprint.

Or a Verizon, for that matter.

Want to be sick? San Antonio only made 7 shots from beyond the arc and missed them all. Becky Hammon had 17 points, but it was Sophia Young (with 24) that led the Stars to victory. Solid game for the Stars, But for Indiana? A harbinger of doom.

Much like Urkel.

The Shock beat the Sun. I guessed wrong. I should have realized that the Sun are still awfully awful at home. The Sun did a good job in the first half, but faded like their moniker into the night. Deanna Nolan? 36 poins. Lindsay Whalen? 33. A strong offensive game and, once again, no D.

The Sparks continued their downward spiral into oblivion as the Monarchs prevented yet another opponent from scoring more than 60 points.

:::cough::: AIR! AIR!!!

The Monarchs may be the most boring team in the WNBA to watch, but they draw well and win games, and its hard to argue with that.

Mercury @ Lynx

The Lynx have no defense and neither do the Mercury. But at least the Mercury back up their shallow end with a deep, deep pool of players that can push the ball, shove it down their opponents' throats, and then cheer all the way back to Phoenix. The Lynx have Seimone Augustus and little else.

Even I can't stop Taylor, Pondexter, and Taurasi.

Don't forget how bad Minnesota is at home and against Phoenix. This will hurt for them and their fans. Mercury by 10.

Lauren Jackson's 47 points last night tie a league record. As if we needed another reason to be jealous of Australia. Hot women, cool breeze, and enough poisonous animals to shake a stick at?

You make me sick, Paul Hogan.

That's about it. Performance Piece in the afternoon.

See ya, Space Cowboy...

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