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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Detroit is Burning - Liberty Win


New York 82, Detroit 81

Game of the year? It may be so. Screw all that WNBA talk about last night's Phoenix game. A game with zero defense isn't a great game. A game between a behemoth and a struggling team that goes into a nail-biting overtime period? Now that's basketball.

Hellz yeah!

We may look back on this date at the end of the season and realize that this was the turning point: the point at which the Liberty picked themselves up off the ground, realized their potential and promised to take advantage.

Taking advantage is one of the little joys in life...

Full report to come on Monday. I still have no time here. However, I just wanted to share some of the more salient facts and joy of a Lib win with you...

LEADING SCORER: Janel McCarville - Career High 18 points, 12 rebounds.
STARTERS: All five over ten points.
THE MIDDLE-MAN: Limited playing time (under 4 minutes), but a crucial 5 points in that time.
OVERALL: Outrebounded the Shock and managed to hit their 3's.

Huge turnaround for the Liberty. My mood might change on Monday, depending on Sunday's outcome, but until then...

OW! I feel good! I knew that I would!

See you on Monday, Space Cowboy...

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