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Monday, July 9, 2007

Sic Semper Tyrannis - Liberty Topple Monarchs

"This is how we depose Monarchs back in the Netherlands..."

New York 71, Sacramento 61

Contain the Monarchs and win the game. That's how it's done, and that's how the Liberty pulled it off. While props must be given to the four starters who got double-digit points (as well as Janel McCarville for getting 9, with 6 rebounds), the main focus of the game was on Defense, and it showed through after the first ten minutes.

Brunson pissed off McCarville by being the only Monarch who showed up to play. Janel was hoping to get a forfeit and watch the Family Guy Marathon at home.

All of the players who got decent time managed to have a solid game. Tic-tac-toe passes and strong individual performances rounded out to a great team game, courtesy of Coyle's system. Saint Patty didn't really go easy on the Monarchs, but she didn't exactly tell the gals to hold their fire, either.

"Does BYU condone murder from it's coaches? No? Okay, then just maim these gals a bit."

Sure, the Monarchs got the first two baskets, but the Libs never looked back. The first quarter put the Liberty ahead to stay as the Belles racked up 32 points to the Monarchs 12. Kraayeveld scored 6 with 4 rebounds, Thorn scored 8 points (welcome back!), and Moore gave up 4 assists, all within that span. And, of course, Thor rocked from Valhalla.

Thor: "Mead is on me tonight, Ladies!"

The Monarchs scored 16-17-16 in the following thirty minutes, but save for a lone turn, never managed to get their momentum up to a high gear. The Liberty strapped on their gear and held the fort.


The final score made the game seem a bit closer than it was, but from two minutes in, the Liberty had the game in hand. Case in point: the Monarchs only scored 31.9% from the field. From the 3-Point line? A measly 13.3% (2-15). There's not much more to it than that. A victory is a victory, but except for Jenny Boucek's tears, there's very little to celebrate in this game.

Yo! Beer guy! I need a drink!

The Monarchs were silenced, the Liberty entrenched their hold on 3rd spot in the East, and all across Sacramento, overly upbeat fans finally remembered what bitterness tasted like.

Don't cry, Monarchs: At least you won the championship last season... oh, damn. Sorry!


  • Rebekkah Brunson score 18 points and 9 rebounds. Only one other Monarch scored more than 10 (Nicole Powell, 11), while only two others scored more than seven (Adrian Williams with 8, Yolanda Griffith with 7).

  • Liberty: 48+% from the field, 36.8% from the arc.

  • The Liberty still have a bit of a problem with turnovers, with an 18-11 edge over Sacramento.

  • Tiffany Jackson: 4 personal fouls in less than 12 minutes of play. Some throw some water on her.

  • Strong but not overwhelming crowd of 8.8K+

  • Doran, Bowen, and Weber sat. It's back to the old routine, I guess...

It feels good to win those two, putting us at 10-8 (not 9-7, as I had previously reported) and two games ahead of Chicago (3.5 out of 1st). When I heard about the Detroit game, I was pumped, but when I checked in and saw the Liberty so far ahead, I was practically dancing in the street.

Cool video up on McCarville and Weber walking around the streets of New York and trying food. Both are the proverbial bomb, but Weber's accent? It makes me weak in the knees.


No, no... there's been enough news today. I picked the winners for Friday's games but forgot the rest of the weekend. No games until tomorrow, however, and then I can get back to my ignorance-is-bliss ways. Liberty Belle up before 6. Until then...

See ya, Space Cowboy...


Rebecca said...

I gotta ask- were you the gentleman in the extremely authentic Weber jersey I spotted at the last game? The one who even got the font right instead of being relegated to that clearly fake crap the official custom jerseys have? 'cause if you weren't, you've got some serious competition.

Me said...

That was not I, I'm afraid. Ain't no one gonna upstage me for Weber, though. She better prepare for a chorus of horn-tooting seals to play out "Dream a Little Dream of Me". Oh, and if I wind up in jail for "stalking" could you do me a favor and call my relatives to post bail?

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