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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tuesday is Nickname Day - Christon

Shameka Christon

No… that’s too easy…

Too obscure and grim…


Shameka Christon’s new nickname…

By Mjolnir's grip!

Why Thor? Thor was the God of Thunder and Lightning, wielding Mjolnir against his foes. Christon brings down the lightning, too, and her hammer being her killer jump-shot.

Hammer and Nailed.

Actual update to come before 1 P.M. Talk to ya then.


Rebecca said...

I've always been a proponent of "Sista Christon", myself, if only because Cheesy Musical Hooks are my weakness when it comes to the Garden.

Me said...

:::bows::: I hadn't even thought about that, but that is indeed much more apt. Had I thought about it before I posted, that would likely be the nickname right now.

Also, congratulations on being the first poster other than the Writer's Girlfriend. Hope you like the site!

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