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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Once More, into the Breach

Get those Game Faces On
It’s Game Time

Pre-Game Coverage…

Chicago wasn't an aberration. The Liberty have to step it up to prove to all the haters out there that they can get the job done.

If you’re into vapid Young Adult Chick-Lit, this book is Valhalla

Expect another super-human effort from Erin Thorn and Loree Moore, with Davenport, Kraayeveld, and Christon rackin’ it up too.

She couldn’t handle it. Can you?

The Mystics have got a good cast of characters. Delisha Milton-Johns is money in the bank, and they’ve got a solid group of young (but not rookie) players. They’re down 0-2 on the season, too. They’re looking to prove themselves.

Killer Album, but who would have thought the Lips were Prescient?


Sun 71, Silver Stars 74

(My Pick: Sun by 6 ½)

Mercury 87, Storm 100

(My Pick: Storm by 5)

1-1 yesterday, 4-1 on the season. Whoda thought that the defense of both the Mercury and Storm would collapse in such spectacular fashion?

Decent crowd in San Antonio. Not so much in Seattle. I guess when you’re team is going to become the Kansas City/Oklahoma City Storm, it kinda dampens the spirit.

Off-topic, but those KCers on that site are awfully sore about not getting the Penguins.

Sour Grapes, Friends

You guys had your shot with the Scouts and Kings. Stop stealing other people’s beloveds and grow a pair.

As for today’s games…


Sparks vs. Fever

I’m picking Sparks by 4. I got a feeling about this game. I just know it. (Tomorrow, I’ll be 4-2)

I'll try to post game results in the afternoon, but I'm going back to Pittsburgh for Memorial Day tonight. Tomorrow, almost definitely a post, though...

See ya, Space Cowboy...

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Laura said...

dude, i own that book Haters! And I've read it, and I love it! SO PLEASE DON'T BE HATIN

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