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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Finally, an Answer

Okay, so, The Writer was wondering about this: Why is it that the WNBA changed uniforms this season so that the player names are below the numbers? TWG made the suggestion that it was so that the player's hair wouldn't obscure the name. TW admits defeat; TWG nailed it on the first try, apparently. Now, it has been confirmed thanks to an article in the Chicago Tribune.

That's TW on the left, and TWG on the right.

"In addition to its racer-back jersey and shorter, tuck-in shorts, players' names are now below the number so as not to be obscured by hair, the better to know who you're cheering for."

Word up to TWG. Not like I was surprised that she would know, just that I couldn't figure it out sooner.

I will wrack my brains henceforth.

There were also some interesting comments made by the emailer in said Tribune article. Specifically, about how the WNBA should showcase the bodies of the players to appeal to men. While I will not specifically disagree with this, I have some reservations and comments about such statements, most of which will come in an essay next week.

Props to Melissa Isaacson on a great article.

Well played.

More posts tomorrow. Peace.
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