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Friday, May 25, 2007

Week in Review


It's been a good week. Sorry about the late update. I’m in Pittsburgh and didn’t have access to a computer until now.

Liberty Games

Liberty 83, Chicago 71
Liberty 81, Mystics 76

The Liberty showed some rough spots in both games, having to battle back to win. A win is a win, though.

2-0, Baby

Don’t forget that these were against teams that are (as of this writing) a combined 0-5 (including a win against a team that I think my high school’s JV women’s team could’ve beaten). But, it’s hard to argue with two 80-point wins. As long as they can keep putting numbers like that up on the board, they’ll do fine.

Photo courtesy of the Chicago Sky’s Media Guide.

On the downside, defense. The team has got to start covering lanes and stop letting worse teams control their end of the court.


Erin Thorn. Bad-assness not shown to actual size.

No question here. Big numbers in both games and a strong defensive outlook, though she could share the ball a bit more. Thorn has 45 points in two games and that swagger that’s going to carry her team far.

Consider the Wall. Now, BE the Wall.


Indiana 83, Sparks 70
(My Pick: Sparks by 4)

I told you. I’m 4-2 in the season. If I finish at .500, I’ll frankly think that I’m a God, so the fact that I’m 2 games over is big news.

My Picks for this weekend…
(Sorry about no Logos)
Seattle @ San Antonio
Chicago @ Minnesota
Houston @ Phoenix

LA @ Connecticut

Let’s see… Seattle is on a roll, but San Antonio may want to prove something… I’m picking San Antonio by 7.

Oooh! The two worst teams in the league! Minnesota versus Chicago! But who is worse?!? I am going to trust my gut and pick the home team, although either team is really bad enough to hand the game to another team. Minnesota by 8.

The brawl of the cosmics… hmmm… I’m going to say that Houston picks up a game on the road. Houston by 6 ½

I like Connecticut, and L.A. just got rolled for a loss. It’s the home opener for the Sun, too. I’m picking the Sun by 7 ½.
I'm new to this, but I like my choices.

Smart money is on the 'Roo, though…
If I come out with a SINGULAR win on this, I will be happy.

Obligatory Kevin Smith Pic. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

I may not update on Monday, cuz it’s Memorial Day. I might, but if I don’t, there will be a double on Tuesday. Until Monday (maybe…)

See ya, Space Cowboy…

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