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Monday, May 21, 2007

Important Info...

So, this is my New York Liberty site. I'm a sports fan, and I've recently gotten into the Liberty. Here, you can find more of an in depth analysis (hopefully) than just the score, plus other fun stuff to tide you over between games. I'll try to keep this clean, but I won't refrain from posting blue elements if they go with the game. As well as updating news from the Liberty and around the WNBA, there are also a number of other things that I will be adding...


Monday - Player Spotlight (Liberty Belles)
A little "Who's Who" section. A different Liberty Belle every week.

Tuesday - Nickname Day!
I create fun nicknames for our favorite Liberty players.

Wednesday - Performance
Poems, Sketches, Songs, or ditties based around the Libs.

Thursday - Essays
Every week, I (or someone else) will be posting an essay about the Liberty, WNBA, Sports (relating to the Libs in some capacity), Women's Issues, and Women's Sports. If you have an essay on these topics that you would like to include, please email me, and if it is coherent and between 200 and 1,500 words, I'll post it. Please allow time for posting. Just because you send something in on Tuesday at midnight, don't expect it to be posted by Wednesday morning!

Friday - Week in Review
Recapping the Liberty games of the week, as well as WNBA news on the whole.

Saturday, Sunday: Off, unless game-day.

In short, fun sports stuff. I like Basketball, but it isn't my favorite sport (Hockey is Life). I've also never followed the Liberty for a full season. As such, in the parlance of our times, I could be called a "noob." This blog is a learning tool as much as a newsfeed. Help me out, but cut me some slack. I'm learning.

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