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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Yeah, yeah

Blame this man for my absence.

Yeah, so it's been almost a week since I updated. I have three things to blame: the lack of news from the New York Liberty; my laziness; and Civilization 4, which has become the bane of my existance. However, you're not here to read about my excuses.

Let's get down to business.

Big news up front: Janel McCarville and Loree Moore have been named to the US National Team that'll be playing in the FIBA's next week in Russia. Nice work, gals. Show those non-American persons what it means to play basketball!

Erin Thorn is answering questions for the Official Site. So is Loree Moore. Not too interesting, but then again, it's news.

Rebecca Lobo is answering some of her own questions at the WNBA site. I know there are some fans out there. This is mostly just a shout-out to them.

Something about Lindsay Bowen, Lisa Willis, and Martina Weber, among others. What is it about? I have no idea. Why? I don't speak Greek. Give me some French or Dutch and I can get by okay, but my knowledge of Greek began and ended with my tour in Psi U.

Teresa Weatherspoon, one-time Liberty and all-time legend, will be coaching the ABA Phantoms when they move to Westchester county for next season. This might be higher of note, especially considering that she will be coaching her brother, but with the way the ABA is set up, I wouldn't be surprised if the team played two games, folded, re-emerged for another two games, then moved to Hawaii to become the Hilo Rainbow Humpers. As an aside, here are all of the ABA teams that have been announced since the ABA's new inception in 2000 (according to Wikipedia)...

The Alexandria United , Anaheim Roadrunners , Anderson Champions , Arizona Rhinos , Arkansas Aeros , Arkansas RimRockers , Arkansas Rivercatz , Arkansas Scorpions , Atlanta Mustangs , Atlanta Vison , Baltimore Pearls , Beijing Aoshen Olympian , Bellevue Blackhawks , Bellingham Slam , Big Valley Shockwave , Birmingham Magicians , Boston Frenzy , Brooklyn Comets , Brooklyn Heat , Brooklyn Wonders , Buffalo Rapids , Buffalo Silverbacks , Calgary Drillers , California Buzz , California Eagles , California Terminators , Cape Cod Frenzy , Carolina Thunder , Carson Buzz , Centinelas de Mexicali , Central Valley Dawgs , Charlotte Krunk , Chattanooga Steamers , Chicago Rockets , Chicago Rockstars , Chicago Skyliners , Chicago Soldiers , Cincinnati Blaze , Cincinnati Monarchs , Cleveland Rockers , Colorado Springs Storm , Colorado Storm , Columbia Rottweilers , Detroit Dogs , Detroit Panthers , Detroit Wheels , Edmonton Cheetahs , Florida Pit Bulls , Gallup Outlaws , Gallup Talons , Georgia Reigning Knights , Gwinnett Gwizzlies , Hammond Rollers , Harlem Revs , Harlem Strong Dogs , Hawaii Mega Force , Hermosilio Seris , Hollywood Fame , Houston (Under)Takers , Houston Havoc , Indiana Alley Cats , Indiana Legends , Inglewood Cobras , Jacksonville Jackals , Jacksonville Jam , Jacksonville Wave , Jersey Squires , Juarez Gallos , Kansas City Knights , Kentucky Colonels , Kentucky Pro Cats , Kentucky Retros , King County Royals , Knoxville Noise , Lake Charles Hurricanes , Lake Erie Rockers , Las Vegas Rattlers , Las Vegas Slam , Lincoln Thunder , Long Beach Jam , Long Beach Laguneros , Los Angeles Aftershock , Los Angeles Stars , Louisiana Cajun Pelicans , Maryland Nighthawks , Maywood Buzz , Maywood Laguneros , Memphis Houn’ Dogs , Mexicali Sentinels , Miami Pit Bulls , Minneapolis Ripknees , Minneapolis Slamma Jammas , Minot City Freeze , Mississippi Miracles , Mississippi Stingers , Monterrey Veneno , Montreal Matrix , Montreal Royal , Motown Jammers , Nashville Rhythm , Native America , New Jersey Jaguars , New Jersey SkyCats , New Mexico Style , New Orleans Blues , Newark Express , Niagara Daredevils , Norfolk Ballers , Norfolk Navigators , North Carolina Renegades , Northeast Pennsylvania Breakers , Ohio Aviators , Oklahoma City Ballhawgs , Oklahoma City Cavalry , Ontario Warriors , Orange County Crush , Orlando Aces , Orlando Orange Men , Palm Beach Imperials , Pennsylvania Pitbulls , Pensacola Aviators , Peoria Kings , Philadelphia Colonials , Philadelphia Fusion , Philadelphia Squires , Phoenix Eclipse , Pittsburgh Hardhats , Pittsburgh Patriots , Pittsburgh Xplosion , Portland Reign , Quad City River Hawks , Quebec City Kebekwa , Queens Kings , Raleigh Renegades , Reading Railers , Reigning Knights of Georgia , Reno Rockers , Richmond Generals , Rio Grande Valley Sliverados , River City Ballers , Rochester Razorsharks , Round Rock Fury , Sacramento Heatwave , Salt Lake Dream , San Antonio Stallions , San Diego Wildcats , San Diego Wildfire , San Francisco Pilots , San Jose SkyRockets , SoCal Legends , Southern Alabama Bounce , Southern California Surf , St. Louis Flight , St. Louis Rotweilers , St. Louis Stunners , Strong Island Sound , Tacoma Navigators , Tampa Bay Thunder Dawgs , Tampa Bay Tornados , Tennessee Mud Frogs , Texas Tycoons , Tijuana Diablos , Tijuana Dragons , Toledo Ice , Toledo Royal Knights , Trenton Squires , Twin Cities Slamma Jammas , Twin City Ballers , Utah Snowbears , Valley Legends , Vancouver Dragons , Vermont Frost Heaves , Visalia Dawgs , Waco Wranglers , and the Wilmington Sea Dawgs.

My God... it's full of stars... I mean, black holes...

It's not a very selective organization, and while I would like to think that the hiring of Weatherspoon was because of her breadth of basketball knowledge, the cynic in me believes that it's only a publicity stunt.

Speaking of expansion, as most of you probably know, Atlanta is looking like it's going to grab a WNBA Expansion franchise for next season. Some are reporting that an annoucement could come as early as tomorrow at 1 p.m., though the press conference that the WNBA is holding could just as likely be about the CBA. Houston is staying put (for now), and this will bring the total number of teams up to 14, evening the conferences out.

While I think that Atlanta is CAPABLE of supporting a franchise (large base, basketball-loving area, etc.), it remains to be seen whether the owners are going to make the right moves to win over the populace. The Braves can't sell out in the playoffs. The Falcons sometimes struggle to remain relevant in the face of college football. The Hawks have fallen a long way. And the Thrashers? Well, the less said, the better...

Personally, I feel that there are several cities up north and out west that could keep costs of traveling down and maintain rivalries. A team out west would allow Minnesota to play teams closer while developing natural rivalries. A team in Philly, Boston, or another stab at Cleveland would keep things centered. This is all just my opinion, however. Atlanta's not the best choice, but it's not a bad one, and it's a hell of a lot better than Bentonville, Arkansas.

There's been a spate of problems for some ballers in the league recently, although beside Brunson's DUI, I can't really think of any. People don't need any new reason to hate the league. Let's not feed the fire.

That's it. Sorry for not logging on and doing my appointed duty. I shall be more vigilant in the future. Until tomorrow, then?

See ya, Space Cowboy...

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