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Friday, October 5, 2007

The Friday Man Hath Cometh

Sorzy abott teh speljing. Weber maeks mw drool.


Well, what little there is...

Love Shay Doron (who doesn't?), but she's gotta update her site once in a while. Last news post? In August. Come on, Hammer! If I can update my blog every other day during the week in the off-season, you can throw a bone or two to your beloved fans!

A couple days old, but Janel's blog has been updated. Huzzah!

More Martina Weber pictures up on her comparison site, linked from the Lib's homepage. I will refrain from such comments that would be unsuitable for my mother to read, but let it be known that Weber is a hell of a woman. She's averaging 12 points a game and she looks like a hand-crafted form of Venus. All I can say is... Damn.

Not really Liberty news, but apparently, there's this seamstress/artist named Martina Weber (ALSO from Germany) who pops up all the time when I'm searching for Weber's name on the intra-web. It makes my searching of the tubes that makes up the information superhighway that much more difficult.


Gotta love the spin. As reported on the WNBA's site...

"Delisha Milton-Jones and other top WNBA players are going overseas to stay
in shape this off-season."
Something tells me that it's not really staying in shape that's getting all of the lasses across the pond.

If you're into MORE propoganda, take a look at Orender's latest speech from the 2007 WNBA Sales and Marketing Meetings. To be fair, Orender presents a couple negatives, too, and really, it's her job to tout the league wherever she can. Still, a little bit of depression sets in everytime I read about the over-hyping that is done by the league's front office.

Speaking of Orender, she made ESPN and Business Week's Top 100 Influential People in the World of Sports... at number 100.

Former WNBA and NCAA star Fran Harris is launching an magazine this fall for college-aged entrepeneurs. Just a shout out, really, since I figure most of my readership is beyond college.

In age if not maturity.

That's all I got, lads and ladies. The Pens open up their season tonight, but this is a Liberty blog, so I won't comment further (except during moments of extreme passion). Until Monday, then?

See ya, Space Cowboy...

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