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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Back in the Saddle with Ella

Janel McCarville, grabbing 15 points and 10 rebounds, led the US Team in their 79-76 loss to TEO Vilnius. Miss Marvel spurred the US's late surge, but it wasn't enough. Loree Moore played for three minutes, but only in tiny chunks and didn't log a point. Oh well. Good to see her in action once again.

Other Libs are once again MIA. Instead, take this rendition of "Summertime" by George Gershwin as played by Fitzgerald, Armstrong, et al.

If this were, indeed, in the summer, I would have more news... instead, I'm listening to this as I sit boiling in my office. Will fall arrive yet? Anybody out there got any information on our lassies? Anybody in Israel picking up on Doron? Anybody in Europe know the score? Give me an email. Otherwise, look at this ancient clip of the Beatle socking it hard, courtesy of the Lib's official site.

LA got the top pick in the draft, and frankly, their organization can use it. After Holdsclaw's abrupt departure, their season went down the tubes faster than a Guam tree snake. Chicago got the second, then Minnesota, Atlanta (due to its expansion-status), Houston, and Washington. It's all on the site. Talk about it here, or read what the league thinks are the problem spots in each team (that's gotta smart, don't ya think).

Speaking of expansion, the owner of the new Atlanta team sounds off on why he's picking up the tab for a new team. In a nutshell; community service, promotion of women. I'm glad he's not in it for the money, because... well, there isn't going to be in that market.

On the topic of basketball markets, more rumblings in Seattle, though it's heavy on the Sonics. A few people are beginning to wise up to the fact that the Storm wouldn't make a good fit in Oklahoma. My suggestion? Sell to a local interest group and keep the team in the Emerald City. Just don't allow them to fold...

That's it for today, so instead of just handing you guys some boring tid-bits from around the league, take this to remind you of the depths of summertime ball...

See ya, Space Cowboy...

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