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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

If you will allow me a brief interlude...

I am excited to the point of arousal.

NHL Season "begins" tonight. Sure, this is a Liberty Blog, and yeah, two games have been played already. But a.) this is my blog, so I can talk about anything I damn well feel like, and b.) not only were Anaheim and Los Angeles playing, but their match was in London, as far away from the real NHL as possible. Why not play in Prague? Or Stockholm? Or any city in any number of countries that supply NHL hockey players? Ask this man.

Interestingly (and unexpectedly to me), this has a link to the WNBA. You see, you have a great sport (hockey and women's basketball), run by a questionable commissioner (Bettman and Orender) that say that they are doing as much as possible to save the league, when, in fact, their actions are the antithesis of their statements.

All right. I'll come down off my soap box.

In any case, if you like good sports, check out the NHL tonight. HUZZAH!

In women's hoops news, some people are claiming that the Houston Comets are close to moving to Atlanta, which was considered a front-runner for a 2008 WNBA Expansion Team. Most of this information comes from message boards (home to many a sweaty recluse interested more in Lara Croft's cup size than actual conversation about the social ramifications of video games), so I'm willing to take it with a grain of salt, but if you like the-sky-is-falling scenarios, then eat your heart out.

Personally, I feel like this could never happen. A storied franchise like the Comets? With top-tier (for the WNBA) attendance? Moving to a notoriously lax sports town? I know I advocated for a team in Atlanta in one of my early essays, but that was a case of lesser-of-two evils: if expansion MUST happen, place a team in a huge city with an NBA team (in a basketball hungry market) rather than putting it in Northern Arkansas. Relocating a key team in a huge market to a fickle city with a smaller fan-base? Et tu, Orender?

Thus falls Caesar... er, the WNBA.

Meanwhile, in real news, the Liberty's site has a (mini) update about Libs playing overseas. Sure, its really just about Martina Weber and Shay Doron, but hey! Those are my two favorite-players-who-should-be-playing-more-often! Or something. Particularly Martina.

But then, you know all about my feelings re:Weber.

Tamika Catchings has a blog up now on the league's site. I would like to slam it in favor of Janel McCarville's blog, but I can't. Compared to Marvel's, it's longer, more in depth, and more personal. Not taking McCarville to task or anything, but can Catchings PLEASE stop showing up other stars?

I haven't been covering the Isiah Thomas scandal, mostly because it only indirectly deals with the Liberty (or does it?), but I found this piece with a quote from former-Lib, Sue Wicks. My thoughts: sexual harrasment, bad/stupid/pointless/immoral/detrimental/etc. However, I am not familiar with the trial enough to make more of a comment (read: my focus is on more important things happening in the world right now, which may be glib and not-seeing-the-picture of me, but true).

I hadn't even considered this possibility, but, hell, I guess the US's trouncing in the FIBA's WAS good for more than self-aggrandizing.

Peaceful out on the lake, gents and lasses. I'll post more, should more arise. Until then?

See ya, Space Cowboy...


AAEmotion said...

Bettman's been doing his best to ruin hockey for years. The sad thing about the state of the NHL in the US, is that apparently our Australian coverage of both the regular season and playoffs was more complete and uninterrupted then North Americas.

We didn't get as many games televised per week (I think we had up to 3 or 4 per week), but every game we got was in full.

The WNBA on the other hand... I think we had about 4 or 5 regular season games in TOTAL televised.

Go Wings! And happy Hockey.

Rebecca said...

There does seem to be a bit of sport overlap here. *g*

My mom's a Blueshirt and my boyfriend's a Jersey Devil. I'll root for either and occasionally even for the Islanders. It is a beautiful game, isn't it?

The Writer said...

I love hockey. I had been scouted while I was in High School before getting hurt and (against regulations) played semi-pro during college, but nothing came out of it. Still, the game is amazing.

I feel for the lack of games. When I worked in England, we got nothing (no playoffs, not even the Stanley Cup). I wound up watching the Elite League and the London Racers, but even that couldn't quench my thirst. Still, you're right, the coverage in the U.S. is pitiful. However, Canadian coverage, according to my Canuck friends, is akin to Football (American) coverage in the States.

I can respect the Red Wings, but I'm from the 'Burgh. I'll give Rebecca a pass, 'cuz she's commented so often, but the Devils and the Rangers? To a Pens fan, that's like a cobra to a mongoose.

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