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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday is the new Thursday

What happened to Fall?

Got a question for Cathrine Kraayeveld? Send it in before the 26th and she may just answer them. My question is a two-parter: "Have you always kicked this much ass, and if so, how do you hope to improve your ass-kicking abilities in the future?" Yeah, I'm classy like that.

The draft lottery is in five days. The Libs are picking seventh no matter what... unless, of course, they trade up or down. Trading down wouldn't be a bad option if we can get something good in the deal. It's not the strongest draft year (in my "knows next to zilch" opinion about WNBA draft classes) and if we throw a quality player that isn't getting a lot of time (Willis) or either Thorn or Moore into the mix, we could pull a bigger player from a team like Phoenix or Detroit who would be able to lose someone of a high, though not all-star, caliber while remaining under the cap, picking up a player for the future, and keeping the level of quality on their team relatively high. Add onto that the Libs already have too many players that we don't play and that we have the 14th pick (from San Antonio in the Davenport/Hammon trade), and I would almost say it'd be foolish NOT to trade back.

But that's just my opinion.

Thought of a nickname for the Atlanta expansion team? Contribute. My favorites? Flames (I'm a sucker for history and the shout-out) and Firebirds (keeping with the theme of the city's teams). The worst? Force and Freedom. Ugh. Colors can be suggested, too, but PLEASE don't make blue one of them. We already have too many teams with blue. Also, people are talking about them playing in Gwinett. The Phil is almost essentially a done-deal, but a smaller stadium (like what the Sky and Sun play in) might not be a bad idea.

The Maggie Dixon Classic is going to be at the Garden on a semi-permanent basis. The games are on December 8th and will feature Rutgers, Duke, Army, and Pitt. I'll be there (love me the Pitt ladies), and so should you. Buy tickets now, you jackals.

That's it. I'm outta here for the day. Gonna get my drink on at Fiddlesticks (on Greenwich Ave). Happy Hours are the best time of the week. Until tomorrow?

See ya, Space Cowboy...

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