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Friday, September 28, 2007

Why even bother playing a second half?

Seimone Augustus scores two of her 2,376 points against Jamaica in front of a crowd of five.

Your favorite mid-season surprise and mine is hosting a blog throughout the off-season. Ms. Marvel is a half-way decent writer (unlike SOME athlete bloggers I could mention) and there's some interesting (and heart-felt) stuff written there. Check it out.

Top passes and such from the season are up on the WNBA's official site. I'm having some problems with links, but if you go to the homepage, it's the fourth story down at the scroll. You know you like it.

The US Women's team dominated Jamaica, 115-47. Considering that this is the United States, home to 300 million people, facing off against an island nation of 2.65 million, this isn't a feat so much as a slaughter. Really, did we have to play Diana Taurasi against this team? Did we really have to show them up SO much? No wonder so many other countries hate us. This is almost as embarassing as the time that the US Junior Hockey team played Trinidad and Tobago.

Paul Westhead, coach of the Phoenix Mercury, is skipping town to join on as an assistant coach with the Oklahoma City... er, Seattle Sonics.

That's it. If someone's got something better, PLEASE let me know.

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