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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What makes a Bad Tuesday Good?

Beer. Not just for children anymore.

Saint Patty was seen scouting the Maryland-Duke game. Two ACC powers? The Draft coming up? At least Coyle is doing her homework. The draft class is looking much better than some initial estimates (that is, Parker and a bunch of good, but not great, stuff), so with a seventh-choice, it will be interesting to see what is left. Keep on rockin' the free world, Patty.

Shay scored 14 points for her Israeli team, helping push Ramla over Ramat Hen, 71-67. There's a whole slew of WNBAers down there in the stats. Snow, McWilliams-Franklin, Baker, Price... yeah, check it for yourself.

Jessica Davenport is ripping up the court as well for Challes-les-Eaux in France. She's averaging 13.8 points per game, second on her team and 15th in the league, right ahead of Tiffany Jackson (13.6), might I add.

Shameka Christon isn't doing that badly, either, averaging 17.75 points a game. It's in Spanish, just so you know.

I could keep going on like this. However, thanks to the wonders of...


...you can look up your favorites, too. Like keeping track of your gals while they're overseas? I found this website that helps out. There's a lot... a LOT... of missing info, but it's good for basic overviews and such. I'm gonna put it up on the link list overhead.

On non-basketball related news, American Gladiators kicks ass. Yeah, some of the events are lame, and the camera angles (as well as the editing) doesn't give the illusion of speed like the previous incarnation did, but damn. It's bad-ass without even trying. Also, Hellga (a.k.a. Robin Coleman) kicks ass. Like some kind of Valkyric Warrior. I could go on and on about what makes her so kick ass, but I don't want to bore you. Besides, this is a basketball blog. Still...

Every guy with Nordic blood or is into spanking just went half-mast.

Some more love for Candace Parker, future LA Spark. Sparks? Sparkser? Sparkette? What is the singular?

A sweet (as in sugar) story about a father and daughter. One has Lou Gehrig's Disease and can barely communicate. The other is a WNBA hopeful. I could make a joke, but the story is just too touching.

Also, the joke would be insanely easy to make.

And with that questionably tasteless joke, I leave you for the day.

See ya, Space Cowboy...


Rebecca said...


Minion Of Satan=singular

Anonymous said...

I'm not sold on American Gladiators yet. I miss the 'roided out chicks (remember Zapp?) from the original. Sigh.

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