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Monday, November 5, 2007

Monday, Monday

Winter's great if you're a child or his magical tiger. For a Lib fan, however, it blows.

Just going through the motions here, people. Nothing doin' over the weekend, and this off-season is going by REALLY slow. In any case, I have some (small) tid-bits of info to keep you from going out of your mind with Liberty-less mayhem.

Here's a piece about the Terps and their upcoming season. Why is this relevant, you ask? I say "Screw You", because it deals with Shay. More stuff from her Israeli team, Ramle, that also catches up with Doron. Shay is doing well offensively, scoring 13.3 points per game, though she still needs to work a bit on the back end of the court.

Go Hebrew Hammer! Go Hebrew Hammer! Go Hebrew Hammer Go!

The Libs' site has their own 2007 Season in Review up. Eh. Mine's longer and intentionally funny, with more jokes and Shakespeare references.

Here's a nice little wrap-up on McCarville's jaunt with the National Team. Oh, Miss Marvel; stop hogging all of the awesome and let some of the other girls be cool. Just in the off-season, mind you. When summertime rolls around, keep it real.

Loree Moore has left the National Team, meanwhile, to go into rehabilitation for her knee. She was on the side the whole time, but it was still nice to see a couple Libs representin'.

Speaking of our national lasses, they took down Tennessee on their college tour, 83-72. I have to admit, while I think the college's should be competitive against the best of the league, I would hope that the US Team could do a little better than an 11 point victory over the Lady Vols. Or maybe I'm just asking for too much.

Probably that.

Lisa Leslie's got a Q&A up on the league's site coming off of her 18 point, 9 rebound performance in her first game back from her pregnancy. It's as decent as such an interview can be when it's produced by the league, but still little more than fluff.

That's all, folks. I've got nothing left to squeeze out today (unless you count my afternoon constitutional), so I'm leaving you with all of that and a hug. Cuz frankly, we could all use a hug on a Monday.

See ya, Space Cowboy...

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