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Friday, November 30, 2007

It's Firday if you're Dyslexic

I'm only doing this 'cuz I promised.

Yeah, I promised two updates this week, and so I fulfill that promise with this update, but I gotta be honest, not much is going on. Sure, there is a bit of news...

...like Atlanta naming their new head coach...

...but for the most part, it's deader than Dumbledore.

Sorry if you didn't know, but there's a statute of limitations on stuff like that.

Instead, I have created a Liberty Quiz. This will keep you Lib Heads satiated through the weekend, right? Right? I hope so, cuz I got nothin'. Don't worry; if you've been paying attention to my blog or to the Libs at all, you'll be fine.


The Best Liberty Quiz Ever

1.)On average, how many players did Coach Coyle play a game in the 2007 season?

a.) Ten
b.) Eight
c.) Six
d.) As few as she could get away with.

2.) What team did The Writer mercilessly taunt throughout the season?

a.) Indiana Fever. Or, should I say, the Tamika Catchings Show.
b.) Chicago Sky. But Claire Coggins... be still, my loins.
c.) Minnesota Lynx. The worst team in basketball since the Washington Generals.
d.) Washington Mystics. They sold their soul to the devil, and all they got was a mediocre team.

3.) According to the Libertine, who is the source of all the Writer's woes?

a.) Bill Simmons.
b.) Chicago Sports Fans.
c.) Coaches who refuse to play certain members of the team.
d.) The New York Yankees.

4.) Of what nationality is Shay Doron?

a.) Marlyand. That's a nation, right?
b.) American. Red-blooded, three-point-throwin' American.
c.) Israel. She's the Hebrew Hammer, remember?
d.) Trick question: she's from outer space.

5.)True or false: Shameka Christon could kill the Grimace.

a.) True. Her badassness knows no bounds.
b.) False. While Christon is the basketball equivalent of finding a twenty in your jeans after a wash, nothing can kill the Grimace.

6.) A little word association: Becky Hammon for Jessica Davenport.

a.) MOTHER@#$%ing GODDAMNED SONUVABITCH I'M GONNA MURDER THAT... (trails off into unintelligable rambling)
b.) Slump.
c.) Wait. Davenport's still on the team? How come I didn't see her for the last part of the season?
d.) Who?

7.) On the first game of the season, what song did the Timeless Torches dance to?

a.) "SexyBack"
b.) "Bad"
c.) "Milkshake"
d.) They weren't there that night. They were too busy saving orphans from a fire.

8.) When I think Erin Thorn, I think of...

a.) ...up in the air, and for the win... YES!
b.) ...Brigham Young... and his five hundred wives.
c.) ...a song by Poison.
d.) ...three-points.

9.) How could the Liberty increase attendance?

a.) Lower ticket prices.
b.) Increase advertising.
c.) More innovative marketing.
d.) By doing anything, goddammit.

10.) Who is the hottest player on the Liberty?

a.) Martina Weber.
b.) Martina Weber.
c.) Martina Weber.
d.) Martina Weber.

(No peaking)

1. d,  2. b,  3. a,  4. d,  5. b,  6. c,  7. a,  8. c,  9. d,  10. Come on.


You're the Minnesota Lynx! How's the the lighting down there in the cellar?

You're the Chicago Sky! Average Attendance: 184.

You're the Seattle Storm. Sorry, the Oklahoma City Storm.

You're the San Antonio Silver Stars. Home-wreckers.

You're the Phoenix Mercury. I think the "D" section is missing from your dictionary.

You're the New York Liberty. Hey, it's my quiz! I can do what I want!

See ya, Space Cowboy...

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