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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Around the League Update...

Awwww... I feel MUCH better now...


Connecticut 74, Chicago 56
Indiana 65, Washington 52
Detroit 81, San Antonio 78
Phoenix 75, Houston 71
Sacramento 78, Seattle 74

The Sun manhandled the Sky with surprising ease. It's so true that everytime I put a little faith in Chicago, they come around and bite me on the ass. Hey? Desperation? You're only a game ahead of Washington and New York? You're going to want to cut yourselves in penance if you miss the playoffs by one game. Are you even listening to me?

They can't hear me over the deafening silence from their hometown crowd.

I guess I shouldn't count Indiana out until they're out. They held the "door close" button on the Mystics and escaped with a 13-point victory that keeps them on pace with Detroit.

Detroit, despite a few surprises from San Antonio, proved why they are the team to beat in the league right now.

Bribes... er, heart.

The Silver Stars had a great game, but numerous lapses on defense cost them some key three-pointers, and late in the game, they just couldn't get it going when they needed to. The usual gang of idiots presided over the win. No need to dwell on specific players who could or could not be on the Liberty right now and helping them through this awful, awful slump.

I'll stop crying any day now.

Houston Defense = Decent. Phoenix Offense = Better. Phoenix didn't have their strongest game of the year, but it was good enough for a win. Houston sinks back to the bottom again, despite their mid-season surge (mid-life crisis?) that they had for a few weeks. Unfortunately, the realization that it just doesn't matter whether they win or lose from this point on has probably zapped any initiative that they have. Thank God there fans are still so forgiving.

Houston; it's not just a street on Manhattan anymore.

Sacramento, despite not playing their traditional game, managed to fend off the Storm and catch up a game on the Silver Stars in the Western Standings. If the Monarchs can do this throughout the rest of the season - forget their usual defense-first mindset when it isn't working - then there is no reason why they shouldn't be back in a strong way.

Performance Piece up late. Have a good 'un, lads and lasses...

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