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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Conference Finals Coverage

So, the second round is here. Two wins, and the finals await. And who are the Final Four?


The team that everybody in New York is beginning to hate versus the Tamika Catchings-Show. These two teams have been at it since the beginning of the season, trading the number one spot back and forth until Indiana collapsed at the disappearance of Catchings and the Shock exploded with the absence of Ford (whaaaaa?!?). It's going to be a brawl for it all, and fortunately for the Shock, their close-scare with the Libs probably put the fear of God in them. If they can barely handle a rag-tag group of scrappy underdogs, how are they doing to fend off Tamika Catching's divine-like powers?

Indiana, meanwhile, scraped a win off of the bottom of the Sun's shoes. One win in triple overtime? Another squeaker in extra minutes? True, they did beat Connecticut at home in a fashion that should reassure Indiana's five fans. The series was even during the regular season, each winning and losing one at home (but never by more than 10), and both faced tough opponents in the first round. I still think that Detroit is a much more well-rounded team and that if they can contain Catchings, half of their work is done.



Mercury breezed through the first-round, defeating the Seattle "Why Are We Even Here?" Storm in two games by a combined 23 points. They never really struggled, and no one got hurt. Getting out early rested them and they should be ready to take on San Antonio, whom Phoenix beat three times out of four in the regular season.

The Silver Stars could take the series, however, if they manage to make Phoenix pay for their lax defense. San Antonio plays its best when they work as a team and spread the ball, slowing teams down and gobbling up rebounds. Phoenix is a group of individuals - strong, super, and mammoth individuals, to be sure - but San Antonio, if they can come together, could prove to be too much to handle. Will Becky Hammon's leadership take the Stars to the finals?

I would like to say yes, but honestly, I don't think so. Taurasi, Pondexter, Taylor, and Smith are not only fast, strong, powerful shots, good passers, solid on defense, brawlers, scrappers, and also rather attractive, but... wait, where was I... oh, yeah, they're awesome.



It's impossible to pull a line on a best-of-three series, because even a Drama Queen finds Mr. Right eventually. Still, I stand by my predictions.

Quick post about Shay Doron from the Jerusalem Post. It's just a blurb, but still, always good to see the Hebrew Hammer in the papers.

Ten years ago today, the New York Liberty fell to the Houston Comets in the first ever WNBA Finals. A single game it was - a single game full of thunder, rage, joy, and despair - and unfortunately, it would set the tone. Balls!

This LiveJournal-er has a blurb about the Libs, and makes a good point. I'm not that hard on the gals; they're young and can definitely only go up. Patty, on the other hand, needs an oil change. Eight is not enough for the Libs. Let's see some more bench movement.

That's it for now. Until tomorrow?

See ya, Space Cowboy...

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