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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sorry for the delay...

(Regular update up in a bit. For some reason, Blogger didn't post this yesterday.)

Sorry it's been a week. It's tough getting back into the swing of things. Especially when a Chinatown bus strands you in the Pennsylvania countryside for over six hours. As a word of advice, NEVER take the Dragon Deluxe buses. Never. Ever ever.

Images continue to be a problem. Until I can find out why, this is going to be an image-less blog, so sorry for all you lovers of my inane jokes. But enough with that. On with the news!


The Libs took their first win of the season from the Washington Mystics by finally realizing that passing, shooting, and taking advantage of turnovers are all a part of the game, not apart of it.

Big props in this game to limiting Monique Curry to six shots and 2 points (both from the line), while playing nine Belles for more than 10 minutes each. McCarville started out strong, posting 9 points in her 14 minutes of play, but when she faltered due to her hand injury, Patty was quick to sit her.

Dutch and Thor each had 17 points to lead the Libs, while Loree Moore picked up 7 assists in a solid game. Turnovers are still a problem (Kraayeveld herself had 5!), but the Libery managed to hold onto their defensive game to keep the Mystics off of the board.

One note; the Libs definitely began to slack off in the second half. After the Belles went up 46-25, DC outscored New York in both the 3rd and 4th quarters. This is mostly due to the bench playing most of the second half, but still... when you have a team on the run, keep pushing.

With that, the Liberty were even for the season. Sure, they had dropped the home opener in a piss-poor manner, but things were going much better. All the ladies got in on the action, and everything looked yippy-skippy...


...but then the Liberty forgot everything and dropped a toughie to Detroit.

With the Red Wings beating my Penguins 2-1 in the Stanley Cup Finals, and GM continuing to create crappy cars that cost too much and break down too often, I'm not high on the Motor City at the moment. But they do field a terribly strong WNBA team that has managed to catapult themselves to the top of the East (yet again), and taking advantage of the glut of mediocre teams in the East - and let's be frank, considering the Libs mediocre at this point is generous - has put them where they are.

The Belles managed to score only 6 points in the first quarter, while going on to play up-and-down ball the entire game. How so? They held the Shock to 10 in the 2nd, then let up 25 in the 3rd, then abandoned defense to pour on the O in the last ten minutes, scoring 33 points in the 4th. But when you only manage 19 points in the first half, the game can't be decided by last-minute heroics.

Props for never saying die, but let's face facts. Dutch shot 18 times and missed all but 4. Tiffany Jackson and Lisa Willis led the team with a respectable 12 points each, but they didn't even start the game. Everybody continues to take bad shots and give up the ball at inopportune times. Patty is now playing more from the bench (thank God), but her hand has been forced by the inconsistent play from the first five. Something needs to settle the gals down. The Libs are now 1-2, and while I won't hit the panic button yet, things aren't looking so hot.

Next game is tomorrow. Everybody up for it? I'll have info posted sometime in the afternoon. Unless I go to the beach, in which case it'll be the morning. Don't push me. Jackals.

Big shout out to Aaron for providing links for tickets to the Outdoor Classic. If anybody missed it, here it is again. Pray for a good day, but with the WNBA's luck, it'll pour.


Los Angeles @ Indiana
Minnesota @ Chicago

Candace Parker Can't Lose. At least, not yet. Her Sparks are abysmal without her; absent her points leading the way, the Sparks are dead-last in the league in PPG and FG%. True, Lisa Leslie is back in action, and Milton-Jones and Spencer can score (when they choose to shoot), but their isn't a lot of protection in the back. But until the some team finds the Kryptonite that'll ground Parker, I won't pick against them. Especially when they're playing an inconsistent Fever team. Sparks by 6.

Minnesota took care of business first in Detroit, and then eked out a win over the Comets in overtime. This is definitely a different team than the one that looked like a New York Nationals-impersonators last year. Chicago is also showing signs of a much improved squad, although truthfully, that isn't saying much. Still, they lost to the now 3-1 Seattle Storm on the road by only 6 points, while handily beating the Monarchs (something I did NOT predict...). I would give the edge to the Sky playing at home, but 3,000 quiet fans barely constitutes a home court advantage. And that 12.5% from beyond the arc is almost a war-crime. So, I'll take the Lynx by 4 instead.

Candice Dupree is blogging for ESPN now, and this post showcases some of her travails as she went from Poland to Chicago, playing ball the whole way.

Yes, yes... Candace Parker is on fire. Her jerseys are outselling everbody else's in the league... combined. And she's a decent human being. Let the idol worship begin.

It ain't easy going home. Just ask Katie Douglas. After the obligatory cheer when she was announced at her homecoming in Connecticut (after being traded to Indiana), the Sun fans immediately started giving her the ol' Hartford Wail whenever she touched the ball.

Suck it up.

Speaking of the Sun, Lindsay Whalen was named the East's player of the week. She averaged over 16 points, while shooting over 56% from the field. Sophia Young was the West's pick for that period. Here's the complete stats and announcement.

The Atlanta Dream sold-out their very first game. Huzzah! And their second game! Hurray! And the Dream are now 0-4! Damn. Still, optimism runs high, especially when you have people traveling over several hundred miles to see you play ball.

And finally, some video of everyone's favorite ex-Lib, Becky Hammon, being her cutest and badass-est (sp?). Click, double-click, and then save the link. If you're into her. Which you should be.

You're not a commie, are you?

Gameday tomorrow. Get on your war gear!

See ya, Space Cowboy...

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petrel said...

It's damn great seeing this blog back in action...I thought you had gone AWOL on us. It's a funny blog, the images are great and the perspective is fresh.

And damn Chinese bus lines. Damn them, I say.

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