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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturn is not Happy - Libs Lose

Yes. My thoughts exactly.

Quick update about the game. I usually don't post on Saturdays, but then again, I've been missing most of my updates, so I figured I should make up for them. With that out of the way, let me be the bearer of bad news...


It all started out as planned. The Libs went up 9-5 in the first three minutes, their defense was forcing Connecticut to make sloppy plays, and the Belles snapped up loose balls. Then, it happened... or rather, it DIDN'T.

That is, the Libs began sitting pretty, and the Sun took advantage. Wave after wave of New York's possesions turned fruitless, while Connecticut slowed the game down, took their time, and pounded our lassies into submission.

Mmmm... submission...

When your team is down 27-15, it takes a herculean effort to dig out of the hole. But with the exception of Essence Carson, who finally showed the stuff that made her our first round draft pick, players STILL couldn't keep themselves grounded.

Sure, Kraayeveld grabbed 9 rebounds and scored 12 points. Sure, Shameka Christon, Janel McCarville, and Erlana Larkins had strong games. Sure, the Libs increased their steals, rebounds, and proficiency at all parts of the court (including a whopping 40 of their points from the paint). But that doesn't matter if you can't hold on when the going gets tough.

Give credit where credit is due. Carson scored 15 points and played a strong game (although she's still adjusting to the professional ranks). Coyle is playing from the bench, to great effect. The team is beginning to click.

And also, the Sun didn't back down. They're a quality team, and when Tamika Whitmore wants to score (as she did last night, for 18 points), they're a force to be reckoned with. Asjha Jones held the line (8 rebounds, 6-12 in the field, 16 points), while Lindsay Whalen, Jamie Carey, and Jolene Anderson all had strong games. Despite the restructuring of Connecticut's pro-ballers, they seem to be clicking more and mroe. They didn't seem as sloppy as the home opener, but then again, neither did the Libs.

:::grudging golf clap:::

So what's the deal, then? How can the Liberty be improving and still falling behind? What is the missing link? Where is the connection? No single answer exists, but might I suggest something...

The ladies still seem to be missing the basics. Blocking long shots? Playing tough? Solid passes? The Liberty seem wishy-washy at this point, uncommitted to the team effort that needs to be essential to their game. Coyle can only coach so much, and frankly, she's looking less and less like the culprit here. If the ladies don't want to play together, then something needs to be done. I don't know what, but then again, I'm not a basketball guru. I just write a blog. Badly.

No more needs to be said on this game. If you want the full recap or play-by-play, you know where to find them. I just want to forget this and focus on Seattle next week. I'll be in the stands, worrying my ass off.

Nobody press this JUST yet, however.

No game notes. Sorry. No time. And I don't want to think about this game anymore than I already have. 


Monarchs 73, Comets 66
Storm 78, Silver Stars 57
Sparks 70, Mystics 59

Sacramento looked a bit out of sorts from the git-go on this one, but the Comets looked even worse, with strings of bad plays that kept them off the board for minutes at a time. Houston needs to address these problems. Now. Sacramento, meanwhile,

The Mystics can't catch a break. They kept it close for most of the contest, but the Sparks finally put them down like the dogs that they are. And who can blame them? When you gotta put down Ol' Yeller, you got to put down Ol' Yeller. This puts the skids on the Silver Stars streak. They'll have to find some way to get things on again.

Detroit @ Indiana
Phoenix @ Minnesota

Another matchup, this time in Indiana. Last time I picked this series I lost. I'll take the Shock by 6 this time and know I'm wrong before the ball even skips into the air.

Phoenix is reeling. Minnesota is on a roll. The Mercs need this more. The Lynx are at home. The Mercs are going to have to win sometime, and with their firepower, it will be soon. But I won't pick against the Lynx just yet. Especially not with their engines firing on all cylinders.Lynx by 7.

All right. Sorry this is so quick. Pens are coming on soon. Let's rock 'em, Penguins. Until Monday, ladies and gents?

See ya, Space Cowboy...

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