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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thursday without Thur

The Penguins went down. Nothing on the Liberty front. Quiet. Real quiet. TOO quiet.


A few readers have sent me emails about my comments on the attractiveness of women. I get about one a month, but there were a handful in the last week, so I thought I’d address them en masse. For the record, I have never disparaged a woman because of her looks on this blog. Rather, people are getting upset about my sexual interest in certain women (i.e. Martina Weber and Lauren Jackson).

I won’t refrain from commenting on MY blog about whom I find attractive. I find nothing wrong with my desires. There’s nothing wrong with sex, a healthy sexual attitude, or sexualizing (to a degree) certain aspects of sports. I would agree with those who emailed me if all I talked about was hotness and body-type. But I don’t. So please stop emailing me about this topic.


Detroit 77, Seattle 67

Like I said, a jet-lagged team on the road against the Beast of the East? Despite their strong effort in the 1st quarter (going up 21-13), the Storm started to stumble. Detroit grabbed the lead and never looked back. Both teams struggled at the 3, but it was Detroit's willingness to push the ball late in the game that kept Seattle on their heels. Lauren Jackson (27 pts, 7 rbnds, 50% from the field) led the Storm, while the homecoming of Swin Cash found her limited to 10 points and 3 defensive rebounds. Katie Smith, however, pushed the game out of reach with her 33 points. For more, check out the official site.

Apparently, a lot more went on in the Lynx-Dream game a few days ago than I had imagined. 70 points in one quarter? That's a league record. Check the link for the whole story.

More heart-warming tales of girls making it in the big league. The focus of this story? Former Badger Jolene Anderson and ex-Lady Vol Shannon Bobbit.

Tomorrow will see two gameday updates (I won't be able to post on the weekend), so be prepared.

See ya, Space Cowboy...

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petrel said...

As long as not suggesting that their sole value is in their attractiveness, I don't see what the problem is. Maybe I'm just blind or something.

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